Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nothin' much to report. Had a nice lunch. Came home re-wrote my resume again, and again, and I'm still writing....

Tomorrow I get to cash another paycheck. I have my DNA kit already in my bag - a cotton swab. A friend suggested taking in a small vial of apple juice and offering it up as a urine sample. I'm thinking on it. I would have to smile JUST right to pull that one off. As a refresher here, last week a bank I have never been to before requested three forms of ID, two telephone numbers and my fingerprints before they would cash my paycheck, the one written from their bank. There was some off-handed remark made about blood testing and we all started laughing. I think they will remember me when I go back tomorrow.

I'm off to the Classic Guitarist performing Brazilian pieces on Saturday night in one of the recital halls downtown. I'm told it's time I treated myself. It has kinda has been a long haul. I'm ready to relax. Classic guitar is inspiring to me, or rather it is riveting. I'm wondering if I can find another instructor, if I can afford some lessons, if I will take the initiative to re-learn that stuff.  At one time, I played Leyenda well.  Now, I've no idea where to start.  In any case, I'm looking forward to Saturday.


  1. Enjoy the concert. You definitely deserve a treat. :)

  2. In the mean time just learn new tunes on the guitar whenever the fancy strikes you.

    There are oodles of online lessons.

    Enjoy the journey.


  3. In an episode of Police Squad! one scene takes place in a check cashing place. In the background a voice says, "Now, turn your head and cough..."

    I always wanted to play Classical Gas by Mason Williams. I know it's been overdone the last 40 years, but it's such a cool tune :-)

  4. I loved doing Classical Gas; and Dueling Banjos was another good one. I've been working on some John Mayer lately...I'm not there yet. :)

  5. Duelling Banjos? Ha ha ha. I used to play that in two different places on the guitar as a duet with myself :-)

    I doubt I would have any success with John MAyer stuff. Mostly because I dont know any of his songs to begin with ;-)