Saturday, April 4, 2009

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Three ways to save/not spend money?

1. I paid for a gym membership, twice in my twenties. The first time my friend and I both signed up and we attended religiously. Unfortunately we'd get done with our workout and stop at the frozen yogurt shop next door and buy a treat with chocolate dippies, and colored jimmies and not only did it neutralize our workout, but it cost more too. The second membership I'm not sure I went twice. I've been running in my neighborhood ever since. A good pair of trainers and some warmies for the cold days and I'm good to go, without having to get in the car or be anywhere at a particular time. I run on my time and spend nothing but the cost of good shoes.

2. This last summer when gas prices became insane I parked my car at the end of the day on Thursday night and didn't get back in it until Sunday when I had to go back to work. I rode my bike around town for the weekend. I rode for pleasure. I rode to the farmer's market. I rode to the library. I rode my bike or I walked. It was then that I realized how close everything is that I really needed. I only needed to fill my tank every week and a half when I did that.

3. Empty the crisper. I refused to grocery shop when there was food in the refrigerator. I actually get pretty creative and I've found some amazing pairings by making sure I use the stuff in the crisper instead of throwing it out for having gone bad. I bought less by knowing just how much I actually use. I bought small bottles of worchestershire sauce, not the massive "money saving" ones. Come on, it's just me. What do I need mega anything for?

4. Just for good measure idea number four (extra credit) - move in with a friend. :) She's the best I ever could have imagined. Love the people you are surrounded by. They are a reflection of you anyway. Might as well love them. Like I said, they are a reflection of you. Total money saving - love costs nothing.

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  1. Good ideas! I haven't had a gym membership for a few years. I hate contracts.