Monday, June 29, 2009

Amazing Accuracy

This isn't the accuracy I was talking about. This is incredible inaccuracy. Interesting piece of artwork, er conversation piece. Gotta love the airport.
This is the accuracy I was thinking about. Above the freeway are estimated times of arrivals.
I can almost set my clock by these things.
It's just getting a bit too predictable. (3 different days, 3 different photos - hard to believe it's Seattle with all this sunshine)
I've been driving to work the last two weeks. It isn't near the same fun as riding the buses. It is cheaper, by $10 a week. I get to leave the house a full hour later each morning. What's not to like? Even if I am still looking for a chauffeur.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mother Hubbard's Cupboard

My very clean freezer

I finally made it to a grocery store yesterday. It really has been my first opportunity to do some shopping. I moved in 24 days ago. There is only so much one can do with radishes, lettuce, rice, tortillas, peanut butter, strawberry jam, eggs, capers, coffee and popcorn. Wait a minute, I had Jones' Blackberry soda, coffee creamer (Hazelnut) and a quart of milk in the refrigerator too. OKay, okay, I had 2 packages of ramen noodles, a bag of Goldfish crackers and a box of Anna's Swedish Ginger Thins, 18 month old Balsamic vinegar and less than 1/4 cup of vegetable oil. I'm not sure my 19 year old daughter was very impressed with my kitchen.

I'm a little happier. I now have soy sauce, Hoisin sauce, sweet potato threads, bean threads (noodles - both), a slab of salmon ready to be parted into thirds and put by, a couple pounds of frozen shrimp and a frozen bag of edemame, a bag o' green beans and a bag of baby bok choy. Can you tell I went to the asian grocery market? I'm really in the mood for some italian.

Either way, I should be good for another 24 days...don't ya' think?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Unmarked bills

Just an overall catch up here.

In the Fremont district is a bar...9 Million in Unmarked Bills. I love the name.

Somewhere in this last Saturday's fair I found myself in a lovely plant shop. This was full of lighting and hydroponic equipment, full strength fertilizers. The kicker was when I saw they were selling rocks - $1.50 per pound. Rocks. Not a truck load. Just some rocks. I suppose I just never needed rocks before. I suppose I figured it was a barter-able item. A dollar fifty a pound, amazing. I'll take the 9 million in unmarked bills...and NOT buy any rocks.

The Solstice Parade was a party. It was wonderful. At one point when the nude bicyclists had pretty much all gone by my married friend mentioned the, "I can still look" phrase. Being single as I am, it has become wholly evident that looking is much more comfortable than acting on anything more. In fact, that whole being a part of something scares the b-jeepers out of me. I'm out of my comfort zone when it goes beyond looking. Now that I've been on both sides of the fence (married and not married)...looking is good. Looking is just fine. Window shopping is a healthy activity regardless of the state of one's pocketbook. Intention is what gets folks in trouble. And since I have no idea what my intentions are anymore, I didn't start out with any....well, that may be trouble too.

My supervisor has already put in for another two month extension on my contract, which isn't up for a month and a half - so this is good news. My supervisor found out last week she is only allowed to contract for a position 220 days (about 10 months). I think she worries about me. A co-worker sent over an job posting in another department. I had mentioned to my supervisor that this e-mailed posting is right along what I do now and she started assisting with the application process, going so far as to start writing the essay portion of the questionnaire just the way she would like to see it written (yeah, she micro-manages a bit). The two positions could be a good fit to further our cause in the overall scheme of things. I would be able to assist my current manager with information that would most certainly make life a little easier in the work front. I got my application and an updated resume in for that one (I wrote the essay myself, thank you). There's three more openings coming I may yet keep a roof over my head. Not a bad deal.

I wonder that I'm finally able to wind down a bit. The work front is coming along. I made it to Wisconsin for a lovely graduation, and wonderful family and precious friends. I came home with one daughter for a week to let her rest and relax and get away from her everyday - and now she's gone home to Wisconsin. I suppose I can start doing the day to day thing now. Roof, food, gasoline, job, internet....and my friends.

It seems next week one of my friends is going to start teaching me to play tennis. So, when did tennis make such a come-back? She wants to play doubles and has to have somebody to bring to the table. Hey, I'll give it a shot. I should get over to the resale shop and find a racket this next week. That'd be a good start...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Nekkid Parade

We'll get to the naked part in a moment. But, because I loaded these photos in no particular order first you get to see the "Art Car" section of the Fremont Solstice Fair in Seattle this weekend.

The car is "decorated" with dentures and bridges in various states of disrepair. I love the look on her face. I could hardly look at the thing, car that is. It was too...distasteful (pun intended).

The solstice parade features naked folks. Mostly painted. I believe the only rule was they
needed to be on bicycles...although that didn't always seem to be the case. Maybe they just needed wheels. Walking through the staging area of the parade before it started was a great way to see what was up and coming (again, pun intended). I've decided I like silver.

Yep, silver works for me.

Some people were still pulling themselves together. Not a problem.

Even the goddesses were in their altogether.

Some paint jobs were better than others. These two are completely in paint. You are not looking at clothing...totally cool.
This was a massive amount of people in their altogether. I'm wondering if next year...hmmm, what is in my future?

Even those clothed people were interesting. There seem to be a lot of tall people here.

Naked people on bicycles. I'm glad it was reasonably warm for them. I still had on my hoody (and pants).

Sometimes camoflauge is more appropriate than others.

We were at the Center of the Universe. So, Yes, the world DOES revolve around me. Here is irrefutable proof that I am at the center of the universe. I couldn't have taken the picture otherwise.

Even Pan, or a close relative thereof, showed up for the parade/party.
I think that says a lot.

I have the Fremont Solstice Parade and Fair on my list again for next year. Excellent parade. It went on for hours. Music and hula hoops, beach balls, bubbles and kids running around and that whole group of people in red with hearts capes hugging everyone. Hey! Even I got a hug!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Checking in...

Too damn busy these days. Life is getting in the way of blogging. I've got notes of stuff to post here, my phone is full of pictures, my head is getting too full to carry all this minutiae...I will have to explode here soon. In the meantime, I've had the opportunity to read just two blogs this morning. I hope to get to two more tomorrow. Ack!

Every day I am amazed at how each of us are taken care of by those around us. If we are lucky we get to see some of the ways and things that people do for us. At least then we have the opportunity to thank them personally. I give thanks every day for every one. I hate to miss anyone.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Mid-week update...

Graduation ceremonies were lovely. I do find it interesting that the student speaker used a Rodney Dangerfield quote as the basis for his thereoms. Rodney Dangerfield....huh, generation bending stuff. Pretty funny too. :D

The weather is perfect, 72 degrees, sunny, light breeze. I wouldn't have ordered it any different if I'd thought to order it.

Everyone is behaving. Plans and ideas for the summer months are getting sketched out - and I'm pleased to see very few idle moments in the projected schedule for my girls. If my own next few months (years) would only allow this kind of planning...then breathing would be easier. Not to worry.

Graduation party is tomorrow. Work crew - family - is coming over this afternoon to clean up the place and start some serious cooking. This is good, we've been doing some serious pre-partying all week. I took last nights bottles out to the recycle bin....hmmmm, it's already a heavy bin to get to the curb this week (that's a good thing!).

My youngest, wow, my youngest is done with high school. I know there is a lifetime still of things to do and to worry about for each of my children. It is just that this "first" part is done. It started yesterday. It started a lifetime ago.

Here I sit in the house my children had chicken pox in, and we held cub scout meetings with my son and his group, we frosted cupcakes for the entire class here. Why is it I have no problem leaving this behind? Should I feel a loss or a yearning? Hope not. 'Cause I don't.

Good day, good weekend...I get home on Sunday. I'm not in a hurry to get home yet. Each day is great just as it is.

**EDIT: My daughter made the Gazette! Full color, top center. OMG! They sold a couple extra papers today!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

While I'm Away...

Let's just all Take Five...Some tunes to keep you happy...

Be back in a week. You all be good now.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Heaven & Hell

I little exploring this morning has brought me to an amazing video/project.  What a way to ride an elevator.  Start in hell and rise to heaven.  Check it out!

There's your Sunday-Go-To-Meeting moment.  The storyline on the site is fascinating as well.  Let me know what you think.

Graduation season is upon us.  I fly back to Wisconsin this week for my own wonderful graduate.  My youngest (Hi Sam!!!) is stepping out this week.  She's my graduate.  I leave first thing Tuesday morning from the left coast, have a 3 hour and 8 minute layover in Minneapolis before I get to fly into the beloved Cheesehead country just in time to miss dinner.  It was a cheap flight, layovers don't bother me, though it will be a long day - I'll find a good book before I go.  

Today I am surrounded by boxes wondering when they will be un-packed as they sit watching me yet pack carry-on luggage.  Hey, when you live alone all things take on their own personality. 
(Should I be seeking help?)  The lovely decor of "Early Washingtonian Days Boxes" is only a week old.  I get six months of living this way and it's still cool...right?  Can I milk this effect for a year and still claim coolness? (Do I get to claim coolness regardless?)

Some photos to share from previous weeks.  This may be a lovely building, but the photo is to show the lovely street I get to run up to catch my next bus.  Am I feeling buff?  NO!

And finally...there are gentlemen out there these days that wear suits and hats and carry briefcases.  Here's the proof.  Hat being the operative word (refer to earlier post).

Have a great week!  Hug every one you love!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night Downtown

It's tourist season in Seattle AND it's Friday night as the "ducks" roll through downtown.  These folks DO get to sit up really high.  They get a great view up there.  I wouldn't have even noticed this particular duck rolls up to my stop light except for the blaring music.  Specifically, "I'm going nowhere.  Somebody help me, yeah."  I look up from the corner where embossed in the cement is the street name (it really is pretty) and I see these captive tourist...going nowhere.  Hey, what can I say...I waved.
Seattle is more full of people at close of business on Fridays than any other day of the week.  The weather has been wonderfully warm lately and sunny for the last two weeks, at least.  People watching has been excellent.  I would have spent some time and found a spot to sit and watch as I have before.  Unfortunately, my new bus schedule is a little more restrictive about when I leave the city.

I love the new buses.  These are commuter buses.  These are comfortable.  I get on the bus in the morning at a Park and Ride.  We make three more stops and get on the freeway.  I really do have a chauffeur.  "To work, James." or sometimes it's "To work, Jane."  Three stops after we get off the freeway and downtown I get off the bus and go find the intercity buses.  This is almost luxury.

My new route has taken me on different streets; past different stores.  I have been taking photos through the bus windows on occasion.  I've about given up on that tact.  On Friday night I walked from the post office (the one on 3rd Street)(and yes, I finally changed my address, yet again) up the street to 4th Street turned the corner heading south to find the first bus stop kiosk that had my numbers. (Do I sound like I have a gambling problem?  Gotta get my numbers, man.)  The store with the windows that make me drool is on that second block.  
I don't know the name.  I never get past looking at the dresses.  This is eye candy.  This is couture that I don't think I'll ever wear, and that's not the point.  The point is, it is really cool.  This dress is my favorite.  It's just like the hat store...this comes from some movie I'd love to see.
Edit:  I found the name of the dress store:  Luly Yang - This woman is incredible - worth a visit to her site -

Two things to leave you with:
I promise to take down the BeeGee's tune at end of day here Saturday.
And if this Duck thing is interesting - here's the

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quiet Observations

Sshh now, hush - those two are doing the bus napping thing.  Her head is on his side of the seating.  His foot is on her side of the invisible bus buddies line.  A nap on the way to work this morning.  Their body language tells me they are a couple.

Last week on the way home the woman getting on the bus just ahead of me found the last forward facing double seat.  I took the side facing seat just behind her and opened my book.  My book is  more a ruse to look the part of bus rider.  The last stop in the downtown area a man came on board.  About halfway to where I sat he gets a big, genuine smile.  He is looking at the woman in front of me.  The double seat is for him.  

It's this smile of recognition, it's the comfort of napping together apart, it's lovely to witness.  It's wonderful to be surrounded in this way.  Hush, now be very quiet, keep your eyes open and you can see so many things.  Be sure to read the poetry in the back of the bus while you are there.

by Arne Pihl

In my dream
Of Dexter Avenue
Concrete is water
Traffic Lights
Are tricks of the moon
And you
With your transfer
Clutched in your fingers
And here to teach me
How to build
A canoe

posted without permission of Poems on Buses: 4Culture, 2007.  All poems posted on buses belong to the author.
Thanks Arne!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Nickle Tour

I am all moved in.  Internet came with the apartment (oh snap!).  I canceled the service I had
 set up last week.  As my son walked in the door yesterday (nickle tour before we start unloading the truck) he grinned and said, "Wow! Nice digs." 

He stayed later than anticipated, so I know the place feels good.  Pictures are just pictures.  In pictures it's just an apartment, like any other.  So here's my apartment, like any other.  I 
think I have outsmarted Push Button Publishing in getting all my photos posted at once..I've been working on this...

As you walk in the front door this is the view.
The desk is my sole piece of furniture - 
it is the one piece of furniture I held onto.  
That's the balcony you are seeing outside the window.

Above is the view from the kitchen looking to the front door 
All I see is boxes, certainly more of them today than are in this photo.

Standing near the desk and looking toward the kitchen
this is the space that is my living room.

If we walk down the hall, first we come to the den...
the mysterious source of all the empty boxes filling my living room.
Then my bedroom.
You'll have to excuse Penny, if her head weren't attached....oh, it's not. 

  Back out to the living room here is a quick look at my deck/balcony/veranda.
This is where I spend most of my time (not unpacking)...and 
I will be heading out there again in a bit.  
(I love the exercise machine - I REALLY like it. - There's a story there, but later)
The photo below is the View - a back yard enclosed 
with fir and pine and decidious trees. 
 Off to the right is a large blackberry patch.  
I'm hoping to make jelly this summer from it. 
So sit down in my camping chairs for a bit, 
I'll bring you a wine or hard lemonade, 
unless you brought a beer with you, you want some ice tea?; and 
let's listen to the birds for a bit longer while the sun still shines.