Monday, April 26, 2010

Morning Voices

It is said that being out of work enhances one's capabilities at blogging. Let's put that to the test.

I know I've talked of morning voices before - maybe it was just last year. Let's say that's a good thing, that it was a year ago, that I'm not obsessed, and that I can remember the last ones. The voices that wake me in the morning, because that's what they do, aren't always nice to me. Sometimes they are a kick in the pants to get up and at something specific to the time. The voices mostly belong to people I know, someone in my life at the time. I don't hear from dead people...although future people have been known to show up, and completely confuse me until I get to know new people.

These aren't just disembodied voices I hear. They are "attached" to individuals. I get the visual of whoever it is as I'm waking. The visual isn't always how they look when I see them later in the day or in the week. They seem to appear to me more as I see them in my heart or in my head than they appear in person. I have my own personal cinema going on here with a strange costuming department.

Today's voice was from someone I've met recently - clean shaven, short hair, fitted clothing - basic Everyman. Except this morning he shows up just as I'm waking looking like a regular Jeremiah Johnson (although not as pretty as Robert Redford), or more like Jeremiah’s buddy (that later in the movie grew all his hair back so if the Indians scalped him he at least had a head of hair to show for it). The vision this morning apologized to me. He simply and completely apoligized to me. I hate to make assumptions on what he was apologizing for. But, I want to know more completely what he meant.

It was the quickest visit I’ve had. The voice and vision faded out faster than usual. I tried to stay asleep to regain any of this. I had questions. But it’s not to be. Even awake here in front of the computer I’m trying to regain some of this.

So, the voices still talk to me. If it’s insight I wish I knew how to use it better. If it's not insight, at least it's mildly entertaining.


  1. If this happens every day, then at least you have someone greeting you each morning :-)

  2. Usually they yell at this was a change. In that sense, I like waking up in the quiet.