Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Momentum Continues

I've been bothering the Dutchman for an interview for over a month now.  He started it.  He got in touch with one of the many in my network and said to give him a call.  I have been.  And e-mailing and calling again.  Tomorrow I finally get to meet him.  I'll be taking the afternoon off from the contract position I've been going to.  I get to drive over to Renton and have a nice meet and greet lunch.  ahhhhh, sigh.  This Dutchman has been instrumental in a lot of my dreams and prayers and focus.  I'm curious what he has to say.  It's not a job that would start next week, maybe not even next month, maybe a little later.  This would work out well with the position I'm at now.  I can finish the contract without upsetting anyone and still come out ahead.  Crossing my fingers and sitting in silent prayer.

Just keeping it moving.  While I smile like a crazy woman.

**Update:  Coming home is so cool when my son has the day off.  I walked in the door and he is closing oven doors and grabbing a different potholder and starts rattling off the menu for tonight while he picks up a pan and swirls the heating oil around.  I dropped my bag on the floor and just thanked him for being there and gave him a big old hug when he set down the pan, like I haven't hugged him since he graduated in February.  I love coming home when he has the day off.  I finally let go of the tip toe and my son, and he says to me, "No one hugs like Mom."  

So, here I am tapping away at the keyboard, catching up on e-mails and he brings me in a glass of wine.  He's gonna make some one a great husband/significant other/boyfriend (whatever he wants).  I done good on this one...and he's taken it to a level I didn't know existed.  What a cool kid. - just bragging away here. 


  1. He's worth bragging about. He's right about Mom hugs.

  2. It's great when family spoils family. You obviously have a good rapport with him.

  3. It is nice to be in the company of family isn't it? He is a fantastic lad I am certain.