Monday, September 5, 2011

Making headway

The pattern for this project has been hanging by straight pins on my wall for three years now. It falls apart and I pin in back up. I'm looking forward to taking it down.But today I took those blocks that I've been sewing together and I laid them out on the living room floor. I pushed the sofa out of the way. Which means I have to put the room to rights before I can go to bed tonight. I'd be afraid I'd leave these sewn pieces on the floor for another three years.
It is rather bothersome to me...that the finished product is so small. For all this work I guess I was hoping I had planned for a king size and not a large twin size quilt.
There's a couple blocks to resew. That's bothersome too.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Challenge Day 17ish

I don't know how long I've been in this quilting challenge. This week it got put on the back burner while I vamped up my front "yard". It's a small space with tanbark. But, add a couple chairs and a lot of potted plants, whalah! (I don't know how to spell in french...but sound it out.)I did get back to the sewing portion of my challenge once I came back inside from enjoying the calming effect of my new garden. I ran out of paper pieces and spent some time drawing out the rest of the necessary blocks on paper so I could finish the blocks.

I sewed two more blocks and have now run out of black fabric. I am waiting this morning for the fabric store to open (fingers drumming on the desk while I watch the second hand tick around the clock face). Someone remind me to pick up a fresh rotary cutting wheel and some fresh needles too while I'm at the store.

Five block to go, then I can start putting this quilt top together.