Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am moved in, and here's the cartwheel to prove it.

Hey!! I own silverware!  

Every box I brought with me is a treasure.  The towels are soft and fluffy and mine.  The coffee press is perfect.  My comforter and my pillows and oh yeah!  Better than a birthday.  I have videos to watch on my television.  These concepts are so fresh to me today.

I was also afraid I had sold or given away so much that I have found already in these boxes - and I've only opened four.  I did take care of myself.  I didn't lose my mind at the beginning of this journey.  I'm gonna be okay.  I'm gonna be okay.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting ready for cartwheels

I had mentioned to a friend that when I get into the "new" apartment I would be doing cartwheels.  I'm so close I can taste it.  I spent this afternoon cleaning and cleansing the apartment.  It is ready for my stuff.  Rather than run off to grab boxes to bring over I am pleased to say that instead my friend and I sat on the balcony, had a couple cocktails, watched the birds, talked about everything and nothing as we just sat back and enjoyed the late afternoon.  It was a wonderful way to enjoy this new home right out of the starting gates.

After my friend left I laid on the floor in each of the rooms and just absorbed all that I have done and been through and where I am.  Tomorrow I will do cartwheels.  Monday I will post pictures.

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What was...

This is what was.  It is no more.  Even the photo is not a correct portrayal.  So much of what shows here I had already updated and changed before I up and sold it all and made the trek.

I found a bunch of old photos of my apartment this evening.  I was going to post a few of them.  That's when I realized it is probably like looking at home had to be there for it to be interesting.  I'm nostaligic for something I don't want.  It's merely what I knew.  This coming weekend I will be moving into my new apartment.  I spent this last Saturday moving my friend out of her apartment and into her house.  I am now typing from my computer on the floor.  While I hang out for the week at her old, empty apartment (I'm cleaning crew for the privilege of staying on) I do have access to internet.  Mostly I'm spend my time here dreaming about moving into the new digs. dreaming, dreaming, dreaming....

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Good Thing" about Otitis Externa

"Good Things" about being woken up at 4:18 with a swollen  'Swimmers Ear'....

You get to hear the birds really, really loud because there's no traffic.  
You can get into urgent care before the rush.
You get to hang out in a quiet room while nurses and doctors walk in and out looking for other things.
 You get to talk to the doctor as long as you want because you are the only one there at 6:15 am on a beautiful sunny morning before the long weekend.  Very relaxing.
You get to walk to the busstop at leisure because you are already late for work, and your boss is glad you went in and did something about your ear.

AND the best thing about having an office with a door - is you get to shut the door as if you are on a teleconference but instead rest your head on your desk while the ear drops settle in.

Life could be worse.  We'll see when the bill comes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cold medicine talking

I don't get sick often, and truly I can't say that I've got a cold.  My ear has a cold though.  Just being difficult.  All plugged up and popping noises and such.  It hurts on occasion as if I'm on an airplane ride that keeps changing altitude but won't land.

I'm taking pain reliever for it and peroxide drops, the stuff I did for my daughter when she had ear issues.  As I clear my head to shake this illness thoughts have been running through my head.  Thoughts regarding 'the next step'.  Thoughts from the center of the Labyrinth before coming back out.  There's still some time to shape things different than they have ever been before.  I had a vision before I came here.  That is mostly complete.  It's the vision coming out of the Labyrinth that I want to have a better focus on. 
(as my ear pops again)  What surprises me most is how hard it is to admit to myself what it is I truly want.  I know what it is...I'm just having a hard time admitting it.  (there goes my ear again)  I've dragged this dream around with me for decades.  Am I willing to pull it up in front of me and 'do' it?  This, this thing, could be what I brought myself out here for...and the energy, if I want it, is here.  

I can lead myself to water, but will I drink it?  I've already been told it's impossible.  I've already told others it's impossible.  I've been listening to liars, no wonder I'm a liar too.  But, I've been silly enough to believe it as truth.  Until lately.  If it is true that it is impossible - hey, it's time for me to test the theory for myself.  My truth might be different.

It's my blog...I can be cryptic if I want.  Consider this an exercise in sending thoughts out into the aether.

From the bus...

Glad to be on this side of the glass.

Monday, May 18, 2009

On a wing and a prayer

I met my new landlord this evening.  I'll be moving in around the 1st.  My contract job has been extended...

I'm floating on a wing and a prayer.  The view is marvelous.

Call Me....Irresponsible

*a wet little soft-shoe shuffle here* 

Never again will I believe the meteoroligists (yeah right).  I don't care what any of them say.  I can no longer even believe what I witness for myself.  I swear it was a sunny, lovely, warm wonderful morning.  I can only hope from here on out I will always, always, always have a jacket.  It didn't help this afternoon that all three umbrellas were left at home.  I know better.  Arrggh.

And yes, Doug, thanks for the perspective.  Every bus driver out there is my chaffeur.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I enjoyed an excellent evening of entertainment last night.  I like my entertainment live.  I headed out to the SoulFood bookstore - and caught Cascade Jazz Trio - Brian, Court and John doing their thing for several hours.  If they would've kept up for another couple hours, I wouldn't have minded.   I'd heard their Mantra CD.  I have my favorite cuts.  I kinda knew what I was walking into, but noooooo.  Live is better - way better.  You know how when you meet someone in person they are even better looking than their picture?  This was one of those.  These three, plus Sura Charlier on horns, was hot.

I'm sorry I didn't take a are always worth a thousand words (so get ready).  I'm also sorry I'm too lazy to figure out how to download a tune onto the sidebar here for you.  But, it wouldn't have been what I heard last night (although close is good too).  If you are looking for Lounge Lizard Jazz you've come to the wrong place.  Connections were made.  Songs were sung without words. Is synergy a good word here?  Cliche, nonetheless, I'll go with that.

Brian's drumming was surprising.  It had a pallette cleansing freshness to it.  His ability to "speak up" was fascinating especially when his drums and hats whispered.  I found him original and charming.  What a great voice and he didn't say a word.  I thought Court was going to climb up onto his bass more than once as he pulled tones and thoughts from her.  Whether his feet were on the ground figuratively or not, I heard a relationship that spoke volumes worth listening to.  Sura had a beautiful collection of horns to choose from that she played beautifully.  Amazing talent, in control and bending with it.  I had the occassion to say hi to Sura between sets and she said regarding playing with the Trio - they're the ready canvas, she only needs to bring her colors.  All the group was color.  John on piano, and flute occassionally, had color to spare.  Some tunes pulled me right in.

Two tunes I feel the need to mention (I'd love a tape from last night) "Icarus" (author unknown because I'm a dolt when it comes to music) and Court's original "The Promise"; encore pieces each.

Here's my shameless plug - The Cascade Jazz Trio is playing next in Kent at the Kona Kai (no website, but some great "yelps").  I'm told it'll be "very different".  Singer Susanna Fuller will be joining them.  All I can say is you'll know where I'll be in a couple weeks.  And I won't be so suprised.

You know, every day is a good day.  I would do yesterday AND today over again.  I would do this whole weekend over again, it's been that good.

Nood Racing, Live entertainment and Friend Speak

The view this morning from the beach and the marina was spectacular.  Shilshore Marina, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in one breathtaking blink of an eye.  The boats are patiently waiting for the Nood Regatta sponsored by Sperry that will continue this afternoon.  Below is the official's boat - in the harber still, bouys attached.  Parking was tight but available.  I didn't stick around long enough to see any events.  I burnt my skin pretty good yesterday at Richmond Beach; I gave it a rest today.  
As I walked along the marina this morning, I saw my boat.  Okay, so it's not mine yet.  But, if I were to buy a boat, this wooden one is it.  This was the prettiest boat in the harbor.  I lived on a 37" cutter rig back in my college days - teak deck plates, brass portholes, perfect galley for two and a v-berth that was heaven.  I would do it again.  It's just not in my pocketbook right now.In the meantime...I would love to be gushing on about the excellent tunes last night coming out of the Cascade Jazz Trio at the SouldFood Bookstore....But, I'm still trying to figure out how to spell that horn player's name.  Damn!  She was good.  Oh hell, the trio was good, damned good...but I'm holding out till I get my facts straight.  I will tell you all about Brian, Court and John (what a hoppin' bunch) once I figure out who that horn player was.
I didn't make it to meditations this morning as I had planned.  I did them instead on the scrabble rocks harborside.  The shore I was beachcombing last weekend is well underwater this morning.  Itty bitty fish are jumping from the water in silver flashes; it is strange and quiet entertainment.

I've come to realize I can't do it all. 
 There's not enough time to play volleyball on the beach, re-learn sailing, hike and bike and camp the great mountain trails everywhere, write incredible descriptive prose that put photos to shame, attend classes (for anything), garden, read and travel (literally) the world.  No wonder I'm such a great observer.  There's so many amazing things to observe, and not enough time to do them all.

It's been a full and wonderful weekend.  All I need is to go out my door and my day is full.

I did come across a book title that caught my attention for a friend, Tim.  Sometimes it's not what's in the book, the title says it all.  Tim, this book was titled,  Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Life.  I know you've started, I'm just your door; when you come back in please blog us all & let us know what you saw.  Many, many months ago you posted a photo of your local McD's at night.  I know why you chose that McD's.  I don't remember what you wrote about it, Tim.  I just remember reading your point of view and understanding this AS your point of view.  In any case,  I saw the book and thought of you.  Take that anyway you want, and I hope you are doing well.

For Cara, and to clear up any misconceptions...The art at the UW Hospital...I don't work there.  I merely visted the site for work.  The art was quite a sight, for which I wanted to cite them.  Do you see? (giggling)

Live entertainment is the way to go.  As for last night and the Cascade Jazz Trio - if you are looking for lounge lizard jazz you came to the wrong place.    Pretty hoppin' stuff.  I was impressed.  They'll be in Kent next month.  Info to follow...eventually and with permission.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cruisin' the Beaches

Last week and the week before I've been sunning the bottoms of my feet at Golden Garden Beach in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  It's been a might chilly to do any more than put out a blanket and discreetly take off my shoes and socks to sunbathe the bottoms of my feet.  Forget risque, it's chilly.  Shilshore Marina is right there.  The sailboats are endless, and beautiful.  The Lasers out last weekend were jockeying among themselves all afternoon.    The Nood Regatta is going on this weekend.  I need to head back down there tomorrow and see what there is to see.  

In the meantime, it looks that I may be taking up a more permanent residence in the northern suburbs. I figure I better find "playgrounds" closer to home.  Truly, I am where I want to be, regardless of the last 3 digits on the zip code.  So, this weekend I found a beach closer to "home", Richmond Beach.  
Half rock, half sand. 
 I have no idea about these washed away posts (and nothing on the web to help me out here).

It was beautifully warm today.  I actually wore shorts and not jeans.  This evening I am now crispy red from my ankles to my thighs.  The bottoms of my feet were already seasoned so they didn't burn.  I don't care to sit right now.  I'm typing this standing up.  The backs of my thighs got the brunt of the sun this afternoon.  I should learn to rotisser-ate when at the beach.  

I learned many, many years ago to find a nice sandy spot and that's where one shakes out a blanket and makes oneself at home.  But, noooo.  At Richmond Beach every one finds a nice driftwood log to lean up against and they shake out their blanket there to have an automatic backrest.  I like these Richmond people.  I'll be back.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I drove to work today...Silly me

It wasn't the going in this morning, that was great.  It was coming home.  Two and a half hours later....Arrrrgggh.  Part of the problem is that I have no clue how to drive this efficiently.  The other part of the problem is I get busy looking out the windows rather than the road.  Part of the problem is too much rain and no landmarks.  I had no idea which way I was headed.  I ended up in Magnolia before I  figured out how to turn north and head home.  I still want a chauffeur.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's only Tuesday

Most importantly...Happy Birthday Sam!!  Love you!

It's only Tuesday and I've got plans coming at me from all sides for things to do this weekend...and yet the plans may all fall by the wayside by Thursday with all the secondary plans going on behind the scenes.

My options are a jazz concert, a movie with wine tasting intermission, a school production and/or a special dinner available.  All of these things are on Saturday.  I've actually wondered if I can fit each of them in.  With a full tank of gas, a change of shoes and a skirt in the car I could actually pull it off.  I would gladly pick one and be immensly happy.  That idea notwithstanding, it seems feast or famine.  If all the dominoes fall I could be watching chick flicks with wine and popcorn on Saturday instead.  That's not a bad idea either.  I love plans in flux.

In the meantime I've been scoping out housing.  This weekend I pretty much camped out on craigslist to read the apt/housing section.  There's some pretty key places at prices I'm feeling comfortable with.  This evening I was reviewing the day's listings and I'm here to say weekend listings are more happening than Tuesday listings.  I'll give it a rest until Thursday night.  I'll be signing a lease (month to month is fine) in the next two weeks, I just don't know where. (Seattle has basements - unlike San Jose or San Diego.  I find that interesting.)

Monday, May 11, 2009


From the bus window
From my office window
Yes, the Space Needle is visible almost center of the photo.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My daughters

My Daughters

This letter is for my girls.  I love you more than life itself.  You, each, are my shining stars.  I am blessed to have daughters.  They are heaven on earth.  Not without their wonderful, audacious ways of thinking that have made me grow, and learn patience, and be a mom that I didn't know existed within me, they are my loves.  

My dearest Kate, please accept my invitation to come out to Seattle with me when I return in June.  Just come see for yourself.  I am offering a round trip ticket, two weeks to really look around.  Two weeks of spending time doing whatever you want (look for a job if you want, or not if you want) while I'm at work.  Think about it.  I want you near me.  I know I can be coersive.  I'll not try to coerse you into anything while you are here.  But I will support you in whatever you want.  Come away from your life for a little while to remind yourself that life can be whatever you truly want.  Ask of yourself more than you thought possible, because more than you thought possible is available.

Samantha, you too, I have been offering all along to come here and start your young adulthood near me.  That offer still stands.

Our lives are in flux.  Nothing, lately, is written in stone.  But I miss you completely.  I'm exasperated when you are here, I'm exasperated when you are not.  I love you always.  All ways.


Can it get any quieter?

I don't know where to go.  I don't want to stay here.  I went the places I wanted to go yesterday.  I think it's a "holiday".  I've gotten two texts from friends regarding this Halmark Holiday.  That was nice.  I don't want to interrupt anyone who may actually be having an holiday.  I would just like to get in the car and drive.  A Sunday drive?  Sure.  But I have to have the car back here by one to be chauffeur.  Funny I was just asking for one yesterday, today I am one.  Careful what you ask for.  If it were sunny in the yard I would pull out my book for a spell.  Stupid shade.  I suppose I should learn to enjoy the quiet.

Thumb-twiddling lessons anyone?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I need a chaffeaur & a computer geek

I drove all morning.  In and out of neighborhoods to see what I like, where I feel comfortable.  I took a break for several hours at the Golden Gardens beach - watched the sailboats, the kites, went beachcombing and caught some rays.  I took pictures.  Some, I think turned out really good.  I'll never know.  The pictures are stuck in limbo.  I can send them via bluetooth back and forth between my phone and my computer.  I just can't seem to get them open.  Computer geek would be seriously welcome.

I'd love a chaffeaur as well.  It is SOOO hard to drive around in new neighborhoods, over bridges, up incredibly steep hills that I scared myself (with that feeling that if I didn't move forward I would tumble down the hill in the truck and all, just freaky stuff).  I am supposed to be keeping my eyes on the road.  Um, right, of course I am.  I revisited some neighborhoods and crept into others to get a look.  I came back to the apartment because I'm hungry.  Picked up sushi on the way.  Whew! I do like wasabi.  

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Exodus

I've been watching my JS fav's moving around and dropping off of the blogger radar. I've been reading about KeepingConnectedLive and wondering if I might be missing something.  As JS'rs we had a community that isn't as available on blogger.  I get that.  I miss that.  JS gave me a voice.  More importantly you all gave me a response.

I'm a little slow on the uptake I think.  I finally dropped in at KCL this evening and I see so many of you there.  In one place.  And I can FIND you.  There's actually a way to look for people.  I like blogger in some ways.  It's pretty sparse in others.  Does KCL allow private messages as JS did?

If I were to open shop at KCL I'd still keep blogger I suppose.  I hated advertisements in JS, but I didn't pay to get rid of them until November, just in time for the December crash.  Here at blogger they will pay me to put ads on my blog, how crazy is that?

I dunno what I think.  Except I'm thinking about yet another blog.

I've fallen in love

With the Seattle Central Library downtown.  I knew I would fall in love the minute I saw it online.  I've been holding off meeting this love of my life.  I was afraid I'd be overwhelmed.  I was.  It was a glorious first meeting.

There's 10 stories (pun intended) open to the public.  The eleventh is for staff only.  This photo was from the top highest most point.  This was actually a little scary.  I do have issues with heights.  Heart pounding stuff.
And just so you all get to see the face of this love of mine.  
Yes, he's kind of all girders and steel and glass on the's the insides I've fallen for.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Petal Snow and other Oddities

Pink snow...
Spring is beautiful from above and below.

Today I was chatting with a maintenance man in the hallway at work and he told me that I must not be from around here - meaning the northwest.  I was surprised by his remark.  I know I'm new to town, but how would he know? I don't know what compelled him to say such a thing.  Either it was the choice of subject (sunshine) or his accent (I certainly don't have one).  

Oh, oh!  I DO have a head for numbers!  Glory be, I remembered my PIN after three weeks.  Aren't ATM's wonderful?

I've been walking the five blocks from my bank to the post office to send money to my bank in another state while I wait for direct deposit to kick in.  It's another five blocks up hill to get to my bus to go home.  I hustle to get everything done before banks and post offices close for the day.  The construction going on for the building in front of my bus stop home has me squeezing around people huddled under the construction awnings and scaffolding.  So many people there and so little space.  Today I walked over to the construction corner and lo - it is the downtown post office under that scaffolding...and it's open during the face lift.   I can't believe how I've been learning how to get around all over downtown - running from one business to another, finding sights to see, exploring new places when hidden under curtains and scaffolding is that thing that will make my life easier.  I can hardly wait for the unveiling.  I've just learned how to cut my bank/post office power walk down to three blocks.  I don't think I'll be strolling - but at least I only have to hoof it uphill for three blocks.

Final thoughts for today (or not), I actually slept in on Sunday morning, went for a walk along the Golden Gardens beach and then went to "church".  It was an excellent morning.  I would do it again.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exit Stage Right

Cool art at the UW Hospital

I was at the University of Washington Hospital for work when I saw this.  Just some cool stuff I thought I'd share with you all.  Everywhere I look is art.  I love this town.

"Needless to say"

Then why did you?

(file under "Phrases that drive me nuts")

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An inadvertant reminder in my e-mail box

An e-mail showed up yesterday that reminded me I have a list (yes, a physical list) of groups I am going to join when I get settled in.  I may not yet be quite settled, which may be why I'd forgotten about the list.  The purpose of the list of groups to join is so that I will meet as many people as possible with my similar interests.  In this way there will be plenty of new friends that will sift down into being long-term friends.  I am here to surround myself with people.  

The e-mail also reminded me that I have a few things that need attending to, that should be priority even, and not forgotten in some box in my storage unit.  I bought 4x6 index cards yesterday to put in my commuter bag - I can leave the manuscript in storage this way.  (Interesting that I did this prior to receiving the e-mail) I opened up my word processing files this morning and re-read the last chapter...interesting mess of words.  I remember where I am going with this one.

The email reminded me also that I don't even have my own place yet.  I have so many things yet to do to even be settled.

All the e-mail actually said was, "Perhaps we can make plans later?"  Amazing the paragraphs of reminders and months of projects my brain comes up with in a simple phrase.  Later is good. My brain must've required the reminder that life is already full.

Dear Nic

Dear Nic,  

I'm sorry it's come to this.  I've been sayin' and really if you've been listening I can't tell.  I want to make myself heard loud and clear.  Nic, I don't want you to have any illusions about what I am about to say.  I am not interested in you.

Truly, our relationship has run it's course.  I may have needed you.  I may have cried when you weren't there.  This just isn't the case anymore.  I breathe easier when you are gone.  I smile bigger without you now.  You need to hear this out loud (in a sense) that you don't need to call anymore, Nic.  I haven't been picking up the phone on purpose.  Your name is on caller ID - I've got it figured out.

I'm sure, Nic, you have plenty of wonderful and meaningful relationships to attend to.  I wasn't your only girl.  I've never been jealous, that's not what this is about, far from it.  Maybe I even like gathering with your "friends".  I like them, they are good people.

Nic, I'm upset with you in particular.  I'm tired of fighting with you.  You think you are the little demon.  While it's true, you don't play fair, give it a break.   You are hanging around right now when you know, you know you're not welcome.  Am I trying to hurt your feelings?  You don't have any.  I'm telling you it's time to stop this nonsense.  Enough Already.  No more calls.  I'm not answering.  Nic, Nicotine, enough.  Don't bother.

You want my lighter?  Take it, just go.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trucks and Trailers and 3 a.m. Thoughts

This morning I was thinking about my treck across the northern plains North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana and that damned Idaho bit.  Yes, that damned Idaho bit.  My dad described that part as where I jack-knifed the truck and trailer.  Here I am, months later, still taking offense to this a little bit.  I don't think I actually jack-knifed anything.  I will admit I was stuck on the freeway, on the downhill side of a major mountain pass in a freak snowstorm (Even the meteorologists that night said, "Oh, and see how that storm just popped up.  Didn't see that one coming, did we?" - and he got paid to make that observation.) with the trailer and my truck in a beautiful, fully-choreographed "V" on the Idaho side of the last pass of the day, so close to Washington state I could taste it.  I could not see Washington state.  The snow was so thick I couldn't see the guardrail my headlamps were almost touching.  I admit we did have to get towed out of there.  I also admit the tow truck driver was not happy towing us out ahead of the rest of the 18-wheelers behind us (He makes more money from them - he said so. $60 for us, $200 from them).  In fact, he tried not to tow us out of this situation.  He'd pulled three trucks ahead of us and was heading for the trucks behind us when the cop we'd been chatting with insisted he take us out of there first.  I appreciate the cop.  I also appreciate that my dad carries cash.  Cash is still king.  

It was the longest day of our drive.  Not only did we start out early, we had several passes we were driving through with early March snows; heavy, wet, slushy things.  And yes, to some extent I had choreographed the beautiful "v" the truck and trailer were in.  I purposely attempted to drive the truck on the "up" side (slow right lane) of a seriously sloped freeway.  My tires were attempting to turn right (on a straight road) while the slurry of snow just made the trailer dead weight slipping down into the left lane.  In this way I was "able" to drive straight...for a little while.  Add to this that I can't see much past the front end of my truck.  Stopping, hmmm, let's just start a new paragraph.  

There was no real stopping.  Okay, forward motion stopped.  But, the truck and trailer slid real slow (optical illusion slow) down into the left lane.  Yes, this is part of my choreographed effort to appear to have jack-knifed my "rig".  I hope everyone here understands my rig is a GMC Sonoma SLS Club Cab and a 4' x 8' U-Haul trailer, okay?  This ain't nothing one young lady and her dad can't handle, except we are crazy enough to do this at the end of February - and right now I don't blame the Donner Party one iota.  That day was either sun...warm the roads and windshield, put-on-your-sunglasses-and-hang-your-arm-out-the-window sun OR heavy, thick, wet, massive snowflake, can't-see-three-feet-ahead-of-you snow.

Pretty much all traffic has come to a stand still at this point on the pass, if that's possible.  The right lane looks pretty clear - as you can imagine.  There are quite a few cars and trucks hugging the left guard rail.  My trailer is thinking of giving the guard rail a little kiss.  I don't care to be getting intimate with anything except Washington State and some little floozy Idaho guardrail is not on my agenda.  There are a few amazingly well equipped vehicles passing on the right - or unbeknownst to me they have hitched a tow line onto the right guardrail to stay on that side of the freeway.  As the snow lets up a little,  I make the attempt to get out of the left lane.  I'm shooting for the right shoulder actually.  And I make it, I'll have you know.  There were just enough ruts in the snow to follow that I got my little hiney out of the way and up to the right guardrail.  And that's when I run out of ruts to follow.  My truck front end starts to slide one way and the trailer back end decides to see if it can  slide as far as the front end.  I'm not even really moving (almost).  I mean to say, my foot is not on the accelerator.  And that's my attempt at choreography.  I did pretty well.  It was nice to see the tuck and the trailer decided to cooperate (read: total exasperation).  And so we sat there and listened to books on tape - Angels and Demons, by Brown - until the cop came up and rapped on the window.  During that time about three vehicles had gone by, one being the state patrol.  I wasn't blocking anyone anymore than the truck next to me hugging the other guardrail was.  It might have just been a bad night to be driving, even though we had started this Pass at 3 pm.

So, yeah...I guess I was jack-knifed.  I should probably just get over it.  We never did finish the book.