Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cold medicine talking

I don't get sick often, and truly I can't say that I've got a cold.  My ear has a cold though.  Just being difficult.  All plugged up and popping noises and such.  It hurts on occasion as if I'm on an airplane ride that keeps changing altitude but won't land.

I'm taking pain reliever for it and peroxide drops, the stuff I did for my daughter when she had ear issues.  As I clear my head to shake this illness thoughts have been running through my head.  Thoughts regarding 'the next step'.  Thoughts from the center of the Labyrinth before coming back out.  There's still some time to shape things different than they have ever been before.  I had a vision before I came here.  That is mostly complete.  It's the vision coming out of the Labyrinth that I want to have a better focus on. 
(as my ear pops again)  What surprises me most is how hard it is to admit to myself what it is I truly want.  I know what it is...I'm just having a hard time admitting it.  (there goes my ear again)  I've dragged this dream around with me for decades.  Am I willing to pull it up in front of me and 'do' it?  This, this thing, could be what I brought myself out here for...and the energy, if I want it, is here.  

I can lead myself to water, but will I drink it?  I've already been told it's impossible.  I've already told others it's impossible.  I've been listening to liars, no wonder I'm a liar too.  But, I've been silly enough to believe it as truth.  Until lately.  If it is true that it is impossible - hey, it's time for me to test the theory for myself.  My truth might be different.

It's my blog...I can be cryptic if I want.  Consider this an exercise in sending thoughts out into the aether.


  1. here's what we advise people to take with ear/congestion problems like yours: over the counter afrin for 3 days only, sudafed (get the good stuff behind the counter that you have to sign for), and mucinex. drink tons of water for the mucinex to work. these 3 things will most often keep people from the state you're in to an ear infection/sinus infection.

    feel better!

  2. Such a tease: alluding about your dream, the inner desires of your heart, building our expectation for the details, and then keeping the climax all to yourself; privately. {WHAT IS YOUR DREAM???}

    Just curious: what do you gain from being a self-described liar? Usually we behave in a manner that benefits us somehow. Lying has typically made me feel like utter crap so I refuse to do it. Meanwhile, I'd love to know how lying could possibly motivate others.

  3. Whatever it is, this "impossible dream" of yours, is likely sending you a reply from the aether right now.

    Listen... *do it do it do it do it...*

  4. Hope this finds you feeling lots better! Dont stop thinking about tomorrow cause yesterdays gone I love the song! Sure hope you recover in time for a really great weekend

  5. I have no doubt that whatever 'it' is you can surely do it.

    Sending you feel-good vibes, from the flat-lands. :)