Thursday, April 2, 2009

If It Doesn't Move

If it doesn't move it's probably growing.  I still need to wash the road salt off my truck after taking the trek across the country.  I was given the opinion that the salt will keep the moss from growing.  I thank my friend for that; and continue to drive a rather whitish red truck (as opposed to a rather greenish red truck).

I have a fair amount of hand washables that benefit from air dry-ing.  I'm working on that today.  Did I mention it's raining here in the Seattle area?  Probably not, that's a given.  I'd like to get my under thingys dry before everyone comes home from work otherwise I'm caught with my undies lying on pretty much every flat surface in the apartment. (Hey!  They're clean.)

I lived many years ago, for many years in San Diego - the most perfect weather in the lower 48 states - and yet my favorite bumper sticker was, "Just another shitty day in paradise."  If I can't have fun with the weather, by no fault of her own of course, then what am I doing here?  I used to have fun with blizzards, until they got the better of me and I was reduced to a wimpering, almost catatonic driver during rush-hour that couldn't see beyond the windshield wipers for all the snow that was rushing in.  I still don't know if I was alone on that road or if I was surrounded by other equally invisible, 1,200 pound speeding hunks of metal.

I love the rain.  Blue sky has become precious.  And my fine washables better be dry pretty soon.  I'd hate to look like I'm advertising for the wrong kind of job when everyone gets home.


  1. mmmmmmm...wet undies....mmmmmmm...LOL

  2. you better get that salt off the truck, it can make the metal corrode (sp)! I need to run my car through the wash, too.. tks for reminding me!

    ah. San Diego, my favorite city. I wasn't born there, but spent all my growing years in El Cajon.

  3. I'm thinking it would be nice to drive a red truck, without any other tones of color. But, if I wash it, it will rain. *giggles*