Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking up residence

I realize my last entry says, "I've been drinking since I arrived in Seattle." I posted that two days ago. I can only hope you all understand the drinking only lasted a few hours, not a few days. Just want to be clear.

I dropped my father off at the airport this morning with plenty of time to make his flight to Denver. We may have over-compensated while taking into account the time change to Daylight-savings time. I drove home on a different freeway than I was told to (I am such a rebel) and tried to get lost on the eastern hills overlooking Lake Washington. It didn't work. But, I now know the difference between Hwy 520 and Hwy 522.

This morning I've combined some odds and ends into another box to take over to storage. I'm working on making as small a footprint as possible in my friend's apartment. I was going to take this box and a few other things over to the storage area...but I don't know where it is. The rental contract for the storage space, hopefully with an address, is in the bundle of paperwork I've been collecting along the way. Otherwise, I wait for my friend to come home and tell me where she took me last Friday.

I'll be picking up my computer from storage as well. I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of uploading my resume/CV and cover letter templates onto someone else's computer. This is worse than the idea of using someone else's toothbrush. I'm not going there.

With my own computer...PICTURES!! Big sigh. I'm looking forward to downloading the photos off my camera. I'll get to see from the "other side" what I've been doing all week. :D

OK, back to work moving out of my suitcases. I'll catch up on blog reading/commenting tomorrow when I have my own dear self plugged into the internet.


  1. Waiting with breath abated...

  2. hopefully you'll get settled in regardless of the fact that you have a lot in storage.....

  3. I never would think you were actually drinking all day. No worries...even if you did still no worries...


  4. Dear drunk,
    There are other people's toothbrushes that I doubt I'd find repellant. Just saying. Now you are there, my nanny state neighbor to the north. If you are a real rebel you'll ride a bicycle without a helmet. The gasps and stares you'll get... Both my nephews are there, one is in an apt across from that big guy with the hammer downtown.

  5. By the way, congratulations!! You did it; made the big move.
    Thinking about it is one thing but to do it takes a leap of faith. Not as easy as one might think.