Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Cost of a Yoga Teacher Certificate

There may be hidden charges in getting a certificate to teach Yoga. There are a couple of obscure remarks on these websites that lead me to think this way. I'm thinking this one through.

A basic Yoga Teacher Training Certificate is a 200 hour course. That means 200 hours of training. The vernacular for this is RTY200 Yoga Certificate.

One local studio has a tuition of $3,300. They have a payment plan, of course. The nice surprise is that the price is the same whether I pay all at once or go on the payment program. They could have easily tacked on a "processing" fee. What they do tack on is a three class per week minimum requirement. I see elsewhere on the site that those students that are in teacher training get a discount for classes. As a "drop in" the cost is discounted from $16 to $10 per class. Overall that comes to $30 per week, on top of the $3,300 for tuition. I am sure there are additional discounts if I were to sign up for a six month unlimited pass. The point remains, $3,300 is just the start.

I'm still shopping. Another studio offering training for the RTY200 Yoga Certificate offers the training at $3,000 with discounts for paying in full prior to start of training ($500 off the total). This studio has pricing for required classes at $40 a month for students. In essence for a ten month program the studio would recoup the $500 I saved by paying early. This studio also has a ten weekend's in the fall. Maybe I can get my yoga-ness up to that level by fall. Maybe by fall I will be ready to immerse myself every weekend from October through December. I'm thinking about it. Three months versus ten months sounds like an accelerated program.

The most exciting option comes from the studio that only offers training. This is not your classic studio. This woman runs her studio only to train future yogi. What makes her studio so exciting is of the 200 hours of training the last 80 hours -two weeks- are spent overseas. She's a travel agent for yogi's. She is offering courses at $1,900 plus about $2,000 for the travel. I know, I know it's the most expensive at $3,900 but it includes international travel. This year she has booked a retreat in Puerto Vallarta. Next year in July she is looking at Greece. I can see where international travel has its appeal and its drawbacks. Though Greece sounds divine, it concerns me with the refugee issues occurring in the Mediterranean this year, and the financial instability of Greece in particular before that. At one point her site suggested Thailand. Now that option to me is a no-brainer, absolutely-yes-sign-me-up yoga retreat. I could say I did my training in Thailand. My passport would back me up.

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