Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Phone Issues - Matrix reviews?

My three year old (Barbie pink)Razor cell phone finally bit the dust on Sunday.  Actually, it will make phone calls as long as I know the number, and it will answer phone calls and I have no idea who's calling.  The caller ID thing doesn't bother me, in fact it was almost thrilling to go "pre-ID" and just see who's calling when I pick up the phone.  I find it interesting for all the things I have in storage I do have with me here at my friends my hard-copy old-fashioned rolodex.  It got thrown in the box to come with me at the last minute.  Now I know why.

Sunday afternoon I found the local provider store for my service and found a phone that appeared to fit my needs.  ACK!  It's a LG "Shine".  I was not a big fan of the Razor - but it worked ok.  This hunk o' junk has frustrated me more than I ever thought a phone would.  As soon as the store opens this morning I'm off to replace this phone.  That little button in the center is driving me out of my mind!  (quit giggling - you're thinking of the wrong button) This button is supposed to navigate left, right, up & down.  It is also supposed to approve functions and to "send".  This jumpy, jittery, miss take happy button has me sending and searching and approving more wrong moves than I care to deal with.  When I think I am navigating, it thinks I am approving.  That one frustrates me the most.  Battery life?  What battery life?  To be fair two days of semi-usage does not fully determine battery life.

I'm heading in to exchange this "Shine" (up my a@@) for a Pantech Matrix.  The Matrix has regular arrow keys for navigation and a pull down qwerty keyboard - I like my texting.  Anybody out there have one?  Any reviews or thoughts you want to share?  I'm open to suggestion...


  1. I have a razr and never ever want it to die. I'm not looking for a new phone for a long long time....

  2. I'm sorry Bobby, even Raz'r die...

  3. I like my Razr. I bought the newer version and it was horrible! So I gave it to my daughter as a gift (shame on me, I know) and kept the old one. Oh, and my daughter hated it, too, but got used to it.... out of necessity. lol

  4. I wanted to get a Samsung Instinct but Bell Mobility doesn't give loyal subscribers (4 1/2 yrs) enough of a break on the cost. I'll hang onto my Samsung Blade (quite outdated now)for while yet.

    The Instinct is kinda sorta like an iPhone without the Apple tariff and expensive rate plans.

  5. I have some form of low end lg. I like it alright but am not set up for texting so maybe that explains it. I rarely look to see who's calling. Usually I'm lucky to find the thing and open it before the mailbox picks up. I'm sure people think I screen, but only those I want to hear from know the number.
    One day I may have a spiffy text thing. For now I prefer the simplicity and solitude. --no one to text.