Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mountain Pose revisited

Mt Rainier - Doing a perfect Mountain Pose
 in her skirt of clouds (no yoga pants here)

Mountain Pose is easy as pie.  Ya' just stand there.  Stand on your two feet, arms at your side and close your eyes.  Ta DA!  You're a mountain.  That's it.

Hahaha, I'm so funny.  Of course that's not it.  That's not Mountain Pose.  This is Yoga we're talkin' about here.  One must mindfully be a mountain, grasshopper.  What were you thinking?  

I want to point out that Mt. Rainier has no idea what mindfully means.  There is no mindfulness when one is a mountain.  This mountain is only exhibiting mountain-ness, not mindfulness.

So on Saturday morning at the "Fundamentals of Yoga" class, while Mt Rainier was decidedly still sleeping under the over casted blankets (and I was not), I was minding my own mountain-ness when the instructor instructed us to stand equally on both feet, to feel the heat of my feet warm the floor, to feel my toes on the floor, but not grip the floor.  The instructor says I am to feel the earth come up to meet my feet even as I have allowed my own feet to be grounded on this floor.  She says "grounded" in such a way that I understand  my own poundage is meeting the floor as forceful as the floor is rising to ground me. 

It was not a resting pose so much as a grounding pose.  It is actively grounding me.  Standing on the floor has become synergistic.  I couldn't do my part unless the ground did it's part.  We played our parts out beautifully and then my instructor had us transform into trees.

Yoga gets trippy for me.

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