Sunday, April 26, 2009

Private lullabyes

David Burgess played guitar last night in Seattle at the Nordstom recital hall.  His program was Brazilian Music.  David is a solo classical guitarist.  The music was enchanting, sassy, well played.  What I found most memorable, what I woke this morning thinking of, was his tuning. Between pieces, after he speaks of the next selection (each piece was a wonderful selection), he tunes his guitar.  Pretty normal stuff.  As David does it, I felt I was listening to private moments, private lullabyes that just made everything right.  They were short phrases, played softly, leading nowhere; right where a lullaby leads.

His link below...I read it and wonder if I didn't see some other guy...This is just for the clips.


  1. Although I enjoy classical guitar when I hear it, I do not seek it out (just too much of a rocker, I suppose). I did indeed enjoy the few pieces on his site.

    It must have been even better than you describe to hear it live.

  2. I'm not sure, Doug, that I sought this out so much as it was available on a night that I was too. Next month is Cascade jazz Trio - so I will be effusing on that soon. There are so many things available on the radio here I havent' even tuned into a straight rock & roll station yet.

    Yes, it sounded better than I can I stuck with the parts I could.


  3. I like Spanish guitar as well as anything. I guess that's classical, but I draw a distinction in my mind. If he played Brazilian selections, I really envy the experience.

  4. Love this music, thank you. :)

  5. Those guys are really good. I'm good but I don't play that style. I do love to hear it and steal a lick or two just for fun...