Friday, April 24, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls

 Camera in my phone wasn't too bad after all.  Here's the powerful and picturesque Snoqualmie Falls.  And loud.  It was very loud there listening to the pounding water.  It was pounding on itself as it fell and then the roar of pounding into itself at the bottom.  It was not a sunny day.  Maybe that's why I like this picture.  There's an ambience, a tone.  I haven't spent any amount of time to 'name' the tone for myself.  I just like it.


  1. The tone is esotericus incorporeus.

  2. Awesome, picture. So splendid and lovely. Great eye!

  3. wow, Doug, you know so many languages...

    The falls do photo well, Tim. waving hi!

  4. I love waterfalls! Great pic Sarah!