Thursday, April 9, 2009

There's Poetry on the Bus

The buses in Seattle have poetry to read if you sit in the back.  It's up near the ceiling.  This morning the poetry was from Erin Malone...

Why Dreams are Like Babies
Otherwordly, they may be naked
& speaking a language
you can't understand.

My three favorite numbers are now 522, 39 and 312.  Okay, so they are my bus numbers.  Two to get there, two to get home. 
It takes me half an hour to trudge up the hill from the bus stop to home.  It's a workout.  If I'd known it was going to be dry I wouldn't have had my car left near the bus stop today.  I was expecting rain.  No workout today.  I expect tomorrow I'll hoof it up the hill again rain or no rain.  It does feel good.

Oh, oh!  The bus in the morning let's me off right there at the corner for the Seattle Symphony box office.  Next weekend - I'm treating that I know where it is.  I just need to find an escort.


  1. You should treat've really gone through alot to get to where you are (which seems like a good spot for you).

  2. Walking uphill for a half hour everyday is likely all you need as a workout :-)

    Hey, if you show up here Monday for Neil Young, I'll go there for the Symphony :-)

  3. I used to take the bus all the time and totally forgot about the poetry inside. Way cool to relive the bus experience through your eyes.

    Don't you just LOVE Seattle? It has such an inviting and fun energy to it. When I used to work downtown I'd love it when the wind would whip up-hill from Puget Sound. I'd imagine that wind taking away all my cares. Tacoma's got a pretty neat seaport as well but it's not nearly as affluent and it feels a little bit like the bastard-child of Washington (by comparison) but Tacoma has its charm too -- if you ever get a chance to go south for a visit . . . maybe walk along the Ruston Way Beach (that is after you've had a chance to thoroughly explore Alki in Seattle). :D

  4. Doug - I must with great regret decline your kind offer. (Dang it! I'd love to hear Neil Young in concert.) I may move quickly, but I just can't get to the other coast and back on Monday and still have cash left for the Symphony. I'm prioitizing, you know (giggling at myself on that one)

    SunTiger - That's three places to add to my list...Tacoma, Ruston Way Beach, and Alki. Thank god I have YEARS to get to everything. I'm wondering if I should just stay a greenhorn the entire time? ('cept I kinda wanna settle in, in a way).

  5. Sounds like things are going pretty good for ya! Watch out for those old men on the bus!! Have yourself a great weekend my dear

  6. Seattle does have a great atmosphere. I don't find the rain dreary at all, and I like the vibe. Have you been to Vachon Island?