Monday, April 27, 2009

Breakfast at Stetson

Coming off the bus downtown each morning I am greeted by a marvelous display of hats.  This display makes me smile every morning.  Oh, to see any of these hats on a man, possibly in a trenchcoat, probably with a briefcase...takes me back to a time before I was even thought of.  The display is from some movie I've never seen.   These hats are the only time I wonder if I would rather be a man.  It would be just like me to wear one of these anyway.  Think Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's except rather than standing outside Tiffany's with her pastry and coffee, I'd be standing outside the Stetson store with my pastry and Starbucks.  Hmm, Breakfast at Stetson?


  1. I would like a gray fedora to wear with my trenchcoat. I dont have a briefcase, but I do have a 2 inch Samsonite attache case, suitably beat up :-)

  2.'s all eye candy. And, Doug, if I remember right you have a great picture with you and a perfect hat. You wear it well.


  3. I have a couple expensive Stetsons.....but they're cowboy hats that I rarely wear any more.