Monday, April 20, 2009

The tourist in me...

There are so many places I've been and seen that have not made it here yet.  Yes, SunTiger, I made it to Alki Beach.  The smell of driftwood and sea air is pungent and brings back my teenage days sailing around Monterey Bay and hanging out at Santa Cruz Beach.  That was Easter Saturday.  Walking down the hill to the beach I passed a beautiful bush, trimmed into a perfect round ball, full of little blue flowers all around it.  I ran my hand through it as we walked past.  Excellent surprise to find it is rosemary.  My hands smelled wonderful the rest of the walk.  Can't you just see it, some chick walking around smelling her fingers?  It'd be disgusting, except it was me.  

This last weekend I again headed up to North Bend and visited with the best of friends, both old and new.  I was taken to Snoqualamie Falls.  That was powerful.  And loud.  It must haave been prom night as there were quite a few young ladies in evening wear and some pimply young men shadowing them, all of them taking pictures.  There looks to be some excellent trails to hike over there.  I'm looking forward to having the opportunity to find the trail heads and start walking.  Excellent falls, the water was power.  That's all there is to it, power.  I did get some of the history from my friend.  Things like that always add to the experience.  I'm ready to go back.

Sunday I took three boxes, a cooler and a tote over to storage, we'll call this apartment cleaning.  Then I headed out for nowhere for a drive.  I was looking for a park to stop in and park the truck to open the box I've been stashing my bills in.  I didn't find a park.  I found a cemetery with a marvelous view of Mt. Rainier.  Got my bills sorted among the headstones and put myself back on track so no one comes looking for me (for my money) later.  It does seem kind of bizarre when I think on spend the afternoon in a cemetery paying bills.  Hey, whatever works.

It's still sunny here, and warm, and it's definately improved my outlook.  Work is great although one of the women in my office just doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings when I walk in.  That's ok.  It's a short assignment.  And one of the companies I've been courting in the background popped back up to the top this afternoon.  Warm, happy sigh.  (ps: the trenchcoat has a removable liner - today that liner got stuffed into my bag on the way home. oh yeah)


  1. High powered water falls, water anything, are high on my list of favorites.

  2. I have not seen mountains like Mt. Ranier