Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contestant Number One

The interview was ok.  They didn't pick the top three to interview, I think they picked the top twenty four, or maybe ALL the respondents.  There was more than one interviewer even.  I was told to expect they will call my references today and second round of interviews will begin on Thursday.  At least I won't be hanging around wondering if I'm a contestant.  I'll know by tonight if I made runner-up.  The firm services defibrillators.  With the regulation from the medical community my interviewer appreciated that I worked within the guidelines of the FAA while I was doing aviation.
I'm thinking I should make a regular contestant's sash emblazoned with "New Employee" rather than "Miss America".  If I'm going to be a contestant, the least I can do is look the part.  And I AM working for world peace, if you really want to know.


  1. World peace? Good to know, S.
    Good luck again, and we need a photo of your new sash...

  2. I hope they call you for the second!

  3. Keep throwing lines in the water and reel any fish you catch straight in the boat!!!!!

    Good luck. Sounds like a nibble....Now ya just gotta hook 'em.

    It all comes down to weather you can make them money or save them money.


  4. Oh yes, Bobby, you got that one right. And Doug, I'll get working on that sash so I can post it here. Kate - crossing my fingers and toes.

  5. Isn't a defibrillator similar to a stun gun, when you get right down to it? Maybe you can stun one of the other contestants then grab the handy defibrillator to bring the lucky person back to consciousness. After that you can comment on any servicing the device may need.
    That's complicated I guess. Right now I would volunteer to be your shill for the occasion. I feel in need of shock treatment. Electrical--other kinds of shock I don't need.

  6. Juan! You're brilliant! This, people, is why we have comment boxes!