Monday, March 30, 2009

Labyrinth Walking

Yesterday I drove up to Everett, WA to walk the Labyrinth that has been constructed in brick at the Wiggums Hollow Park.  I suppose I was hoping for some great spirtual awakening or the answer to all my questions at the very least.  'Cept, I don't have many questions anymore.  I don't have answers either,  and hey, my questions really are so trivial in the broader scheme of things.

Regardless, a Labyrinth "is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness.  It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path.  The Labyrinth represents a journey to our own center and back again out into the world.  labyrinths have long been used as meditation and prayer tools." (from  So, ok, I didn't read up on that until just now.  I drove up to Everett to check it out - and hey, it was sunny yesterday - what a treat!

Here's what I the time it was a surprise (If I'd read up on it before I left I wouldn't have been so surprised.)...that arriving at the center is not the destination, one still needs to get back out.

So, here I've arrived at a new town, but my journey isn't done yet.  Though I've known this, it was made concrete (or brick) yesterday in a rather tangible sense.  It's been rather calming to "see", to "walk", the part that I've not done yet.

This morning I did some self marketing, not the usual "submissions".  It was a nice change of pace to my job search.  Over the weekend I was given the option at two homes to choose from, friends would like to sub-let to me.  It would help them out and I wouldn't be locked in an area until I know it actually works for me.  No need to make a decision until I start working.  Why do they want to show me these things before I'm even ready?

I keep seeing myself getting out of my car going into work.  I keep seeing people coming into my work area, sometimes it's an office, sometimes it's more open than that - always lots of windows.  I am happy in all of this.  I feel the "weight" of work and it feels good to be responsible and contributing.  I keep seeing myself signing over a check for deposit in a bank setting, sometimes at the drive-thru, sometimes in the lobby.  I really like the second home I was shown yesterday...since then I've been seeing my desk and my computer and all that jazz in that home.

Soon, soon I'll be "living the dream".  I love that phrase (giggling).

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nothing to report...

Other than life is good. I can't believe I'm still awake. I started the day at 6 am and it's 11:30pm as I start to type this.

I met a best friend at her daughter's school. I got to meet her husband and her youngest daughter. We watched several rounds of 14 year old volleyball tournaments. Delightful. Her daughter has an excellent serve. I got a beautiful tour of East Seattle area with a final drive out to North Bend. The company was wonderful, the Wii bowling a kick (this seems to be the latest diversion). Oldest daughter came home from work and I got to see her for the first time since she was 1 1/2(?). My son showed up later and took over the kitchen to treat the whole family to a wonderful meal. And the topper for the evening was a comic jazz group at the local theater hang-out. Pretty funny stuff and good tunes to boot.

I'm not tired. I'm feeling refreshed. In my stack of mail upon returning home was a card for my youngest daughter from her dentist. I opened it - it had been forwarded. Inside the card was the newspaper clipping highlighting the cast of Steel Magnolias, with a photo of the cast; my daughter front and center of the picture (she played Shelby). What a great thought - to send the newspaper clipping. I've always liked that dentist.

At the end of the day: Family. They are the ultimate loved ones.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photographic Dictionary

Though I have no great talent in photographing anything, it doesn't stop me.  My father on the other hand was a professional photographer for years and has gone back to it for fun and egg money since his retirement from main stream business.  I love photographs.  I love all the photographers I've found here online.  I love this site I've found - Photographic Dictionary.

I like the image for stripes, for watermelon and for motel.  I love to see things defined - that's the writer in me.  Check it out.  A great time waster too.  A visual treat, for sure.

All Grown Up

It is definitly an non-regular day - because here's a photo of my youngest child.  The photo is fifteen years old.  She'll be graduating high school this June.  What a ride she's given us.   Strong willed, tempermental, insistent and extremely impatient.  Above all, she's on track and always has been.  The saving grace for this girl is she goes after what she wants.  I wonder where she gets that?

my baby...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Support Systems

From the moment I made the leap; leap of thought, leap of place, leap of faith, from the moment this shift within me occurred, I am made humble and understand so much more in the very core of me the net that holds us all together.  It is more than a net of safety.  It is more than a network.  It is with an abundance of love and goodwill that people come together.  Love on another level.  I should save all this for my other blog except that it fills me today.  Today  is - full stop.  Every day is.

I cannot thank enough the people that have called me, texted me, emailed me, and chatted with me(particularly when I have been feeling a bit low).  No, I have nothing new to report.  Not yet.  I am looking for the corner I need to turn.  It's here.  I need to get calm to see it.  In the meantime, for today, I met my best friend again.  I met her first in middle school.  We went to college together, we were maid of honor for each other for our first marriages.  I met her again today after 20 years.  To live with one best friend, to enjoy her home and her family and her loves is beyond measure.  To meet again my other best friend and to hear her loves and her family and her life is also beyond measure.  "Best" friend.  As my children came along I more completely understood that yes, a person can love more than one at a time.  And therefore, yes, it is possible to have more than one "best".  What fills me today is everyone has my best interests in their heart.  How can I not succeed?  There is no room to do other than succeed.  I am unemployed, without a home and I feel like such a success.  It is those that surround us that make our lives.  Not just each of us, but all of us.

It does not surprise me that I too am wishing, hoping, and pulling for the success of those I hold close.  How can it be otherwise?  Don't answer that.  I like it just the way it is.

No, I'm not drunk yet.  I'm as sober as it comes.  This smile is genuine (as my son hands me a glass of wine and a steamed stalk of asparagus).  Off to enjoy this glass and maybe a few more...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm homesick

It just dawned on me what's been going on in my head.  I'm homesick.  A simple case of being homesick.

I'm not homesick for where I was.  I'm homesick to be where I'm going.

Interesting that when I realize what is "bothering" me, I can deal with it more directly.  This has brought me some peace of mind.  I'm feeling better.  It's ok to be homesick.  That's natural.  Most interesting is I'm homesick going forward. Big sigh of comfort here.

Just breathing into the moment

Prague, Czech Republic - May 2008
Saint Ludmila Church

Less than a year ago I made the leap, with my mother, to go to the Czech Republic.  It became quite a tour; three countries, cancelled flights, perfect weather, excellent photos - and we laughed.  The cancelled flight kept us somber, but once we got in the air it was great!  I never in my wildest dreams figured I would be in Hungary ever in my life.  They had the best food, and the best baths.  

Here I am, less than a year later, making another leap, this time my dad came along for the ride.  I realize in some ways the same "flight out" was delayed, and we laughed along the way.  But this is a different tour.  I did set up some tour guides prior to my leap.  Those tours have been completed, in a sense.  The main difference here is going home is not a separate flight.  Going home is the landing here.  And though I have "landed", I havent' landed.

Thanks for letting me rattle on.  I've been feeling overwhelmed this week.  Maybe longer.  This city is beautiful, green, green, green and warm. I've found a group of people to play Scrabble with.  I have a meeting next week for another lead on a job.  I have a beautiful neighborhood to walk each day.  I spend the bulk of my time looking at lists and lists and lists of jobs, applying, getting back to people and calming myself.

I loved my previous home.  I called it my sanctuary.  It really was.  I am looking forward to another sanctuary.  I'm looking forward to home.

I wonder, in the past, people would come for a visit of two months or so.  I understand it was simply because it took so long to get somewhere that they stayed so long.  In knowing how long you are going to stay one can relax into the visit.  I'm wondering if I treat this short bit staying in my friend's apartment as a relaxing visit if I can disapate this rattled sense of place I feel.

In the meantime...I started this blog well over a year ago to help me, to journal myself, into not smoking.  When JS fell and couldn't get up, I too figured I would just lay there.  But I think about this addiction often.  I go days without smoking or noticing that I'm not smoking.  I go days smoking like a chimney and try not to notice I screwed up.  I can only wonder, and hope that I'm sitting on a fence, finally, ready to put my feet down on the other side and walk through that field instead.  It smells prettier - like lilac in May in Prague.  

I am so ready for some flowers.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I see

These are images that just jump at me from my new home, Seattle.

Moss - moss grows everywhere.  Moss appears in the strangest places.  
Soft little (some not so little) pods of green furriness just pop out of the ground in the middle of asphalt parking lots, and on roofs, between the shingles.  

I found the reason people wash their cars hereisn't to get rid of 
the road salt, it's to get rid of the algae growing on the sides.  I don't have a picture of that particular car that seems to epitomize this phenomenon for me.  But, when I see it again...I'm posting it here.

I went out and about this evening to West Seattle.  It seems there is a little island west of
 downtown that is it's own microcosmic sub-set of Seattle.  I got to go to a grammar school Science Fair.  My friend's grand-daughter is in second grade.  It's been "forever" since I've been to grade school events.  It was great time.  

I'm learning to keep my camera with me, and today as my friend drove us across the West Seattle bridge I was able to grab some images of the skyline, and the commerce, and industrial America.  Here's a working port.  I'm pleased to see it's working.

Final thought...there might be something in this number seven thing - number seven called me today...I have a meeting on Monday.  Not an interview...just a meeting.  Another seven tomorrow.  This kind of thing just keeps me smiling.  

Fishing with new bait

Same stuff, mostly.  Different day.  I rewrote my resume yesterday.  Today I'm off with a bang.   Fresh bait makes the fishing fun.  

I sent out seven inquiries with my updated resume today.  The number seven, I understand, is the number for creation.  For giggles, then, I am sending out seven applications/inquiries for seven days.  Let's see what I can create. 

I'll come up with a new game at the end of this one.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It started as a good day

But a couple of vodka tonics later and I'm at a loss of what to do with myself.  Full stop.

Should be, "drink, get drunk, fall down, no problem."  I'm full on whiney.  Except I don't have anything to say.  Especially when it all comes out slurred and my friend just keeps saying, "what?".

I'd go to bed...but everyone else is busy in my bedroom.  Now that sounded interesting.  Too bad it's not.

Good book?  I should be so lucky.

Re-working it

Resume/cv writing is on the top of my list of things I love to do (NOT!).  I've finally worked my resume from a chronological into a functional resume.  It's taken me  3 hours and I'm tired of looking at it.  I know it reads choppy, but if I look at it any longer I won't see what it says at all.

I have to admit making this a functional resume certainly makes it easier to move whole sections up or down the page to highlight skill sets better for each position I'm applying for.  

I need to walk away for a bit.  When I get back and re-read my updates then maybe I can re-apply to some of these places that don't know they want me.

On a side note...As I was talking to a friend today I realized I am getting defensive about not having a job.   I've nothing to show for my efforts here in the last couple weeks.  It's as if my efforts need to catch up with me.  I didn't think I'm in a  hurry.  Unless I need another transmission, I should be good for another couple months.  I've got to drop the defensive bit.  I don't know where it comes from...maybe my own impatience. 


All the way across the states - from Wisconsin to Washington - this is the view in my rearview.  The damn thing stuck with me all the way.  I couldn't shake it.  Didn't shake it until I got here.  whew!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dream Interpretation

January this year was thick with dreams.  Every one of them seemed to have some information.  There was the gunpowder dream - where I was searching my brain for things to use instead of gunpowder for a muzzleloader, even though I was in no danger.  What's with the muzzleloader?  I have no idea.  I just know I only had a little bit of gunpowder and I was wondering if I could mix sugar with it to get a good blast, just one good shot.  My friend with me in the dream reminded me I would need to clean the gun afterwards and sugar may be the worst of my suggestions.  Gunpowder, I found out, tends to signify a sudden change of residence.  OK, did that - in 19 days.

Then there's the dream with the beautiful Italian Villa set against steep cliffs on the seaside.  When the wave came crashing in, literally horizontal onto the cliffs, well, the Villa was inconsequential.  This crashing wave easily follows basic dream interpretation as the onslaught of resources that have innundated my move and my job search.  I am blessed - even while I get uneasy at times.

The last dream I had prior to packing up the U-haul was a dream in a car, trying to negotiate an unmonitored intersection.  It's raining.  I can barely see through the windshield.  I have to get across these six lanes of road in order to get to a hospital.  Yet, once I get across the road and up to the hospital, even though I am picking up someone at the Emergency door, it is not an emergency.  And we park the car to visit some dogs that are having a good time in the ambulance parked nearby. - I didn't get much out of basic interpretation.  I couldn't figure this one out.  BUT,  Interesting that I went to pick up my son at the job he lost last week (at a hospital) and this week I dropped him off to housesit and take care of the sweetest dogs I've met in forever.  Maybe it wasn't my dream, but his.  

Regardless,  I don't have any dreams "outstanding" waiting for the prophetic nature to be proven.  The dogs in the ambulance dream was the last of the dreams I can remember.

The sense of de jevu I experience every day is thick.  Synchronicity is working away and I know all things are in sequence.  I don't ask when.  I don't ask what.  I don't ask.  But, boy I'm watching everything.  The dreams have been fun.  I'd like some more of these.  

Monday, March 16, 2009

Did I mention I'm really good at U-turns?

My dad's wife once, many years ago, gave me her rule in driving. the rule is two U-turns does not mean you are lost. Since arriving in Seattle, I would like to extend that to four.

Wikipedia says it best.
"Seattle and King County make systematic use of directionals (such as N for north or NE for northeast) in street names. To a lesser degree, street types such as avenue and street) are also used systematically. As a rule, "streets" run more or less east-west (or, in and near downtown, northeast-southwest), and "avenues" run more or less north-south (or, in and near downtown, northwest-southeast). However, a road, boulevard, way, or thoroughfare with any other type designation may run in any direction. The land boundaries of the district laid out according to the Denny and Boren plats that follow the shoreline are all "Ways" (Denny Way, Yesler Way, Broadway).


  1. "Streets" and other east-west thoroughfares prefix the directional; for example NE 45th Street.
  2. "Avenues" and other north-south thoroughfares suffix the directional; for example 45th Avenue NE, University Way NE.
  3. In most sections of the city, the same directional is used for both of these purposes.
  4. There is no consistency about affixing dots in the designation. For example, 45th Avenue NE is used interchangeably with 45th Avenue N.E.

Seattle is divided into eleven sections, each with a different combination of directionals."

Are any of you catching this?  I am SOOOO confused - AND I've been trying to drive it.

North of the Lake Washington Ship Canal are the following sections: west of 1st Avenue NW, the NW section; between 1st Avenue NW and 1st Avenue NE, the N section; east of 1st Avenue NE, the NE section.

South of the canal but north of Denny Way are the following sections: west of Queen Anne Avenue N, the W section; " blah, blah, blah...

 "north to Denny Way, streets are prefixed E and avenues have no suffix; to the west this border, no directionals are used."

Final moment that drives me still crazier:  

"There is no SE section within the Seattle city limits; the SE section contains all of the southeastern suburbs and the rest of the southern half of King County, including Mercer Island, parts of Renton[4] and Bellevue, and other locations within the county." So SE means suburbs only, I think.

If you've made it through that blather, because that is what it is I would simply like to add that every street has a number and I have always embraced my habit of tranposing, until now. 

Every street starts with NE.  I can only wonder why they bother with the NE when everything is NE - unless you live in New England, where I suppose everything is in the SW. Just a thought as I am over the edge, no longer in control and extremely tired.

Last and best moment from Wiki - "The names of the twelve streets in the heart of the central business district are paired by their first letters. From south to north, they are: Jefferson, James, Cherry, Columbia, Marion, Madison, Spring, Seneca, University, Union, Pike, Pine. One way to remember the order of the street pairs is with the mnemonic "Jesus Christ Made Seattle Under Protest",[1] (JCMSUP)."

I'm very good at u-turns. oh, and Google just the beginning.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scrabbled times

I took time out today to meet up with a group of folks that enjoy playing Scrabble(tm). Four hours and three games later I am pleased to say I was royally beaten three times. Hundred and fifty point spread was my best game. These folks are good. I knew they would be. I checked my ego at the door and went and played as well as I could. I enjoyed meeting new people, between that and Scrabble(tm), it's a good day.

I've been withholding tons of information from these entries into my blog. I have felt to a good degree slapped up side the head since I left Wisconsin. It took four days longer than anticipated to get here. My dad was great. I learned we handle stress very much the same...don't talk about it, just get it fixed, whatever it is. I appreciate this side of my dad. Once I arrived my friend had a live-in already. This kind of takes some mental and physical adjustment. I'm getting my bearings and all is well.

The final throw into the mix was that my son was let go from his position that was firmly established prior to his company sending him out here. It's kind of a crazy piece of shit, the upshot is he is living with us - so now four of us - in the one bedroom apartment. Even his supervisor is reeling from the turn of events that transpired on my son's arrival in Seattle. Something in the background was happening that had nothing to do with my son, he just stepped into the shit that had been laid out prior to his arrival. I'm feeling as though my family has turned into some immigrant family that overruns all the codes of rental policies and persons per bathroom requirements.

And because I am writing this blog from the perspective of an ignoramus that only thinks of herself, I am most flustered by the inability to have some quiet time to myself. To sit for hours to write out my thoughts and get this blather out of me isn't happening. As I put on my pajamas each night (oh! now there's a new thing for me - jeesh) and then make my bed (from the couch) and STILL no one goes to bed (11:30 pm most nights) well, I don't think I'm getting adequate sleep to handle these mental strains very well.

This morning I started in crying before anyone got up. It's not that anything is bad, particularly, it's just the strain. I got dressed rather quickly, made coffee for the gang and as my friend came out the door, surprised to find me a weepy eyed mess, I left and went for a drive. It was just a release. She understands, that's why we're friends. I drove until after noon and then went and got my hair cut, again. Does anyone remember Maggie from Northern Exposure? That's how short my hair is. A month ago I was clipping my hair into my bra strap because that's how long it was. Today my head gets cold.

My son has an interview on Wednesday, and he's house sitting until then. I have four folks to follow up with on Monday working towards getting my interview. Really, I've only been here a week. Everything is fine. Everything is just stressful.

And getting my ass kicked at Scrabble was fun - I really am a messed up piece of meat.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Living Conditions

New life, new surroundings, new people, everything is new. What we surround ourselves with reflects how we feel, what is going on inside our heads. I am not surprised necessarily. But, I do find myself wondering how this all plays out.

I've moved in with my BFF for now. It's a temporary situation. As long as I need. Today is the one week mark. My BFF did not tell me her BF had moved in with her. I am most definitely a third wheel. I am a welcome third wheel, but the third nonetheless. Each morning before the two of them go to work there is a lovely moment in the kitchen where they come together in each others arms, they speak softly, they kiss repeatedly. They say goodbye. It is a lovely moment.

Ah, to surround myself in this. I wonder, from the outside of this, at how alone I've been. How I've come to expect to be on the outside. I wonder at how I have taken the requirements of the day and filled my life with tasks and goals. I've been alone, mostly by choice, taking care of daily requirements for some time now. From where I sit, in this temporary situation, their care of each other has started a niggling feeling that maybe the way I have orchestrated my life needs a fresh stanza. I have enough things that still require my care before I will feel available(?) to write a more open movement to this symphony of my life.

I'm in no hurry. I guess I figure people come into my life as I'm ready. I ain't ready yet. I am pleased for her, and for him. When I'm ready, whether I know it or not, then I will be giving morning kisses too. In the meantime it's a glorious morning on the northwest, time to go running and then I'll be getting my bicycle up and running - it didn't make the trip as tuned as it was when it was packed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it me?

What's with the car issues? My friend "borrowed" me her car today so I could meet up with her after work for her birthday dinner in Chinatown. And she could drive us all home. But, on the way to a lovely dinner with her and her family the hose to the radiator decided to unhinge and pour antifreeze all over the road. Thank goodness I had taken a wrong turn and was waiting to get back into rush hour traffic when a fellow motorist waved for my attention and pointed this out. I was spewing antifreeze all down the street. It's not my car. I am in unfamiliar territory. The last thing I need to do is overheat her car (a BMW for god's sake-I thought they were built better than that-pshaw, it's just a car after all.) on her birthday. I had picked up my son to add to the celebration. We pulled over at the first available parking lot just as the red overheat lamp came on the dashboard. Son and I had drinks and appetizers at the restaurant and got a ride home from his roommate. I know her car is at exit 26 of the I-405 with a note in it saying don't tow me. I know the restaurants for that parking lot are Outback Steakhouse, Crystal Cafe and Bonefish something or other. I can get her back to her car, I just don't have any better bearings than what I stated above. I just wish every car I touch this month didn't fall apart. I'm starting to get a complex.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Taking up residence

I realize my last entry says, "I've been drinking since I arrived in Seattle." I posted that two days ago. I can only hope you all understand the drinking only lasted a few hours, not a few days. Just want to be clear.

I dropped my father off at the airport this morning with plenty of time to make his flight to Denver. We may have over-compensated while taking into account the time change to Daylight-savings time. I drove home on a different freeway than I was told to (I am such a rebel) and tried to get lost on the eastern hills overlooking Lake Washington. It didn't work. But, I now know the difference between Hwy 520 and Hwy 522.

This morning I've combined some odds and ends into another box to take over to storage. I'm working on making as small a footprint as possible in my friend's apartment. I was going to take this box and a few other things over to the storage area...but I don't know where it is. The rental contract for the storage space, hopefully with an address, is in the bundle of paperwork I've been collecting along the way. Otherwise, I wait for my friend to come home and tell me where she took me last Friday.

I'll be picking up my computer from storage as well. I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of uploading my resume/CV and cover letter templates onto someone else's computer. This is worse than the idea of using someone else's toothbrush. I'm not going there.

With my own computer...PICTURES!! Big sigh. I'm looking forward to downloading the photos off my camera. I'll get to see from the "other side" what I've been doing all week. :D

OK, back to work moving out of my suitcases. I'll catch up on blog reading/commenting tomorrow when I have my own dear self plugged into the internet.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Drunk dialing

I've been drinking since I arrived in Seattle. The mountain passes were hell on earth...and exciting...and I would do them again. And I'm home.

My stuff (including my computer) is in storage (got my $1 for the first month discount) and i really should not be blogging because i am three sheets to the wind. Dad and I keep hugging and thanking each other for an incredible week. My truck is in better shape than it would ever be if we had not taken this adventure. The most unfortunate thing is I am unable to download my photos to share yet. I'll get there...eventually.

Cheryl!?!? Do I have to call 411 to get your number? North Bend was spectacular this morning.

Tomorrow Dad, son and I head off to the Space Needle and the Underground Tour to be proper tourists before we settle into being residents.

I am home. I am home.

White knuckle day

Mountain passes in Montana/Idaho;
in the snow;
poor visibility;
with dumbasses whizzing by.
I creep past them a few minutes later
while they wait for a tow truck that can't get through.

bad poetry by Sarah.

Damn the weather changes quick! I wonder that we didn't spend more time sitting in the snow gabbing with fellow drivers waiting for the road to clear, than I did actually driving.

Spent the night in Spokane. I'm almost home.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Greetings from Billings, MT

Get rid of the coats! Tuck away the gloves! Roll down the windows! What a glorious day. I kinda get it, this "Big Sky" country thingy. It IS, it absolutely is the biggest sky I've ever seen.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Negligent? Unconscionable?

At 6 pm I got the call that my truck is ready to roll. Yes, I'm still in Fargo. We loaded up the rental with stuff, my computer, television and some luggage, and off we go to the garage to load up, attach the trailer and get moving again. I paid the couple grand to get it out the door and I'm driving behind dad to return the rental car when I notice I have really lousy brakes. Really lousy. The dashboard lights are lit telling me that the parking brake is engaged. I don't feel any drag but I pull the release and, nope, nothing is engaged. While I'm following dad I call back to the garage to ask what's the scoop.

The fella that answers the phone is not the manager, nor is it the technician. But, he does seem to know about my truck because he says, "Well, you don't have any rear brakes." WHAT?!

"I did when I came in. What do you know?"

"Your rear brakes aren't connected."

"And you guys let me take the truck knowing I'm towing a trailer?"

"I'll have Mike call you back. He's with a customer right now."

"Yeah, that'd be good. I'll be coming back with this. Ask him to please stay open."

Mike did not call me back. I did call him. No, they can't do a thing until tomorrow morning.

Welcome to Fargo. Another night in the hotel, another day of rental car. The walleye is good at the grill in the mall. I didn't come for the walleye.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Greetings for Fargo, North Dakota!

Fargo, North Dakota is a lovely town. The people are great (so far). I'm a little stuck here until I get a transmission. Late check out at the hotel is 2 pm. I'm crossing my fingers (among other things) that is all we will need. We are waiting semi-patiently this Monday morning for the mechanic to get back to us with the timeline necessary for a new trannie.

I limped off the interstate yesterday around noon, spent the rest of the day lining up a rental car, a tow truck and a hotel room. Checked into the room around 4:30 pm. My truck is hanging out at a reputable service station and the manager gets in around 9:30 am today. I've read the newspaper, answered e-mails, made a phone call over to the service station for an update and am now merely drumming my fingers waiting for time to pass so I don't appear to be harassing anyone.

We have found evidence that cows face north/south. Once we get back on the road our assignment is to verify this information and to see if bison have the same internal compass. I'm wondering if I can get a grant for this research. Something along the lines of enough grant money to pay for the transmission and the overnight charges. Just a thought. Will post pictures when I get my own computer back up and running.