Monday, April 6, 2009


I discovered today (because every day is a discovery) that I was parked right across the street from the Botanical Gardens.  I slogged through the mud in my good slacks and freshly buffed flats to go check it out.  I'd signed papers to start work (yes, Wilhelm, they want to see your papers!) and I have the whole day free.  

I am pleased to say that the Janesville Rotary Gardens in Wisconsin give these people a run for their money.  Yes, both gardens are free - donations heavily encouraged.  I was mighty surprised to see the Rotary Gardens hold their own.  I thought they were beautiful because they were so close to where I lived.  I volunteered there and loved it even more after raking the paths and pulling the weeds.  Someone asked me if I was practising to be an old biddy while I worked in the gardens.  And while it's true I was the youngest volunteer, by twenty-two years, I didn't have a garden of my own.  I wasn't being an old biddy wanna-be...I just like getting dirty (sounds better).
In the courtyard of the Bellevue Botanical Garden is this lovely frog.  I love the way he's leaning on the log just checking things out.  As far as sculpture goes he's almost up to my knee (2 1/2 feet high?).

For the real scoop on Bellevue Botanical Garden you can just go to  I haven't been there yet so I have no idea what you will see.  Below is what I saw, and this is only very early spring.

Like this first photo...there used to be a house on the premises.  The house was most definitely in a clearing.  I found it funny that the trees that were in the clearing in the area grew INSIDE the foundation walls.
Ferns are growing all over the place.  Nothing surprising there.  Except when I looked UP, they are growing on the limbs IN the trees.
Ferns are growing out of the sides of trees.
And some trees are NOT going to be harvested for lumber (hmm, I wonder why?).

Work starts on Wednesday.  It's a contract position only, for now.  My slacks and a skirt are ironed.  I have three blouses hanging in the closet at the ready.  I have already gotten out my scarves and dress shoes to accessorize - I am such a girl.  I'm ready for three days of work.  Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  If I do really, really good I'll get two days off already.  I think they call it Saturday and Sunday.  I'm going to do really, really good.



  1. I'm reminded of Lemoine Point here. It is wild waterfront land severed from a farm, and paths put through it.

  2. Ferns are good plants. Lots of times you find elves living in fern forests. If you like elves, then there you have it. Best wishes for a good first day on the new job.

  3. PS, Otis was something else--one of my favorites.