Monday, May 18, 2009

Call Me....Irresponsible

*a wet little soft-shoe shuffle here* 

Never again will I believe the meteoroligists (yeah right).  I don't care what any of them say.  I can no longer even believe what I witness for myself.  I swear it was a sunny, lovely, warm wonderful morning.  I can only hope from here on out I will always, always, always have a jacket.  It didn't help this afternoon that all three umbrellas were left at home.  I know better.  Arrggh.

And yes, Doug, thanks for the perspective.  Every bus driver out there is my chaffeur.


  1. Are you complaining about the (cough) RAIN???


  2. Oh goodness...never complaining about the rain!! After all that bloody sun this weekend the rain is a relief (coughing back at ya). I plead my case as someone who has JUST learned the power of being prepared. And yes, I do own a jacket, I swear I do, several.

  3. Being prepared, and having the freedom to use the tools..NOW...there's a difference

  4. I carry my backpack to work so at 4:00 PM I can place in it the clothes I need at 5:30 AM. Handy carry all for my rain suit, too :-)