Friday, May 8, 2009

The Exodus

I've been watching my JS fav's moving around and dropping off of the blogger radar. I've been reading about KeepingConnectedLive and wondering if I might be missing something.  As JS'rs we had a community that isn't as available on blogger.  I get that.  I miss that.  JS gave me a voice.  More importantly you all gave me a response.

I'm a little slow on the uptake I think.  I finally dropped in at KCL this evening and I see so many of you there.  In one place.  And I can FIND you.  There's actually a way to look for people.  I like blogger in some ways.  It's pretty sparse in others.  Does KCL allow private messages as JS did?

If I were to open shop at KCL I'd still keep blogger I suppose.  I hated advertisements in JS, but I didn't pay to get rid of them until November, just in time for the December crash.  Here at blogger they will pay me to put ads on my blog, how crazy is that?

I dunno what I think.  Except I'm thinking about yet another blog.


  1. Keep Connected Live dot com. The more I look around, the more it looks like JS. I'm giving it major thought. Like now...when I would've PM'd you, Scott.

  2. I've been at KCL pretty much since the beginning. It has the wordpress format (puke) but the admin is a former JS'er and he's trying darn hard to make it like our former JS with adding all sorts of features. And yes, you can private message and even have friends only entries! The name is a bit complicated, but what's in a name? ;-)

  3. Sigh. I guess I'll read wherever people go but I don't know if I'll move, I'll have to think of a new name then. I don't want my current or past ones :-)

    Dorrie, there can be a lot in a name, eh?

  4. I am over at KCL but I write here and then mirror over there. Eventually, I will do the opposite.

    Matt is a wonderful moderator. Very responsive to your needs and easily one of the nicest guys on the web.


  5. I'm both places but more and more at KCL