Friday, March 6, 2009

Drunk dialing

I've been drinking since I arrived in Seattle. The mountain passes were hell on earth...and exciting...and I would do them again. And I'm home.

My stuff (including my computer) is in storage (got my $1 for the first month discount) and i really should not be blogging because i am three sheets to the wind. Dad and I keep hugging and thanking each other for an incredible week. My truck is in better shape than it would ever be if we had not taken this adventure. The most unfortunate thing is I am unable to download my photos to share yet. I'll get there...eventually.

Cheryl!?!? Do I have to call 411 to get your number? North Bend was spectacular this morning.

Tomorrow Dad, son and I head off to the Space Needle and the Underground Tour to be proper tourists before we settle into being residents.

I am home. I am home.


  1. Whew! I could cry in relief but there are too many people around. Maybe later...maybe not.

  2. Have fun, S. I am glad you made it safely.

  3. I'm glad you made it! Now enjoy being a tourist as long as you can ;-)

  4. Hooray for you. Welcome home sweetie

  5. Great to hear you made there safely! Enjoy your weekend and try to unwind(sounds like you already working on that!) Hugs to ya!

  6. Yay. Welcome home to Seattle where it is snowing today (Sunday). (-; Glad you made it over the pass before the weather shifted.