Friday, May 22, 2009

"Good Thing" about Otitis Externa

"Good Things" about being woken up at 4:18 with a swollen  'Swimmers Ear'....

You get to hear the birds really, really loud because there's no traffic.  
You can get into urgent care before the rush.
You get to hang out in a quiet room while nurses and doctors walk in and out looking for other things.
 You get to talk to the doctor as long as you want because you are the only one there at 6:15 am on a beautiful sunny morning before the long weekend.  Very relaxing.
You get to walk to the busstop at leisure because you are already late for work, and your boss is glad you went in and did something about your ear.

AND the best thing about having an office with a door - is you get to shut the door as if you are on a teleconference but instead rest your head on your desk while the ear drops settle in.

Life could be worse.  We'll see when the bill comes.


  1. Life will certainly be better with an ear that's normal, eh?

  2. You are the master at making lemonade out of lemons.