Saturday, August 14, 2010

There once was a time...

There once was a time when I couldn't wait to get online and post thoughts and my impressions of my day or a moment. There once was a time when a theme would emerge and pull me along to follow the thread and share what came along. I don't even remember some of the things that would hold my attention. I am glad that I posted losing my job. I am glad that I posted moving across the country and starting life new. I am glad that I took the time to be a tourist, and run a marathon and play tennis. I'm glad that football season is starting up again.

The lull that is now is refreshing too. It seems a waiting for what-is-next. The recovery of my foot and knees takes longer than I would like. It is probably necessary. Yet it's hard to sit still. One would think that while I sit quiet I would be filling the web with all these crazy ideas that go on in my head. But it is inconsequential. Some are worries; that is just whining. Some thoughts feel like big-plan-in-the-making. Rather than write about them I am preferring to "do" them.

Much of my online life revolves around searching job postings for a less temporary position. Though it is productive time I have nothing to show for it yet. There are a lot of boxes to check and fields to fill out and agreements required when one is applying online. Applying online can take two hours of concerted effort depending on how the company has set up it's web pages. Save often, one never knows. It appears I have some sellable skills. Again, one never knows.

For today...all is quiet on the Western Front.


  1. I used to post a lot of things about my life, too. Now I prefer not to bore folks with it because if ever there was an inconsequential life, I'm living it, or so it seems :-)

    My nihilistic thought for the day ;-)

  2. Inconsequential?! By who's measure?! Don't be silly, and DONT buy into the media. Good grief...(I've always loved Charlie Brown...and Linus...and Schroeder...and...)

    And that's my pepe talk for the day ;-)

  3. Fixit: Pep talk (no Pepe here, Señor)

    Huh, I wonder what kind of Freudian slip that was?

  4. I wish I could sit down and write again as well. Maybe we'll get better at it this winter?

  5. Is it a seasonal disorder? Ah ha. Warm Weather Writer's block? It's all part of the big WWW? I actually like that thought. We can get back in the game when it's not so nice outside.

  6. For all things there is a season!Turn turn turn whatever that means. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead my friend!