Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Negligent? Unconscionable?

At 6 pm I got the call that my truck is ready to roll. Yes, I'm still in Fargo. We loaded up the rental with stuff, my computer, television and some luggage, and off we go to the garage to load up, attach the trailer and get moving again. I paid the couple grand to get it out the door and I'm driving behind dad to return the rental car when I notice I have really lousy brakes. Really lousy. The dashboard lights are lit telling me that the parking brake is engaged. I don't feel any drag but I pull the release and, nope, nothing is engaged. While I'm following dad I call back to the garage to ask what's the scoop.

The fella that answers the phone is not the manager, nor is it the technician. But, he does seem to know about my truck because he says, "Well, you don't have any rear brakes." WHAT?!

"I did when I came in. What do you know?"

"Your rear brakes aren't connected."

"And you guys let me take the truck knowing I'm towing a trailer?"

"I'll have Mike call you back. He's with a customer right now."

"Yeah, that'd be good. I'll be coming back with this. Ask him to please stay open."

Mike did not call me back. I did call him. No, they can't do a thing until tomorrow morning.

Welcome to Fargo. Another night in the hotel, another day of rental car. The walleye is good at the grill in the mall. I didn't come for the walleye.


  1. OMG - letting someone take a truck without brakes, what on earth were they thinking?

  2. Wow. That's strange. Hopefully it will be resolved and you'll have no more trouble. The recklessness of it is tough to take. Raising hell is best done after they have made it right. The rest of the ride will be better.

  3. Oh, god, that sucks, in spades

  4. I cant believe they let ya take off in your truck with no brakes.Yipes! Hopefully they will get ya fixed up and this will be the "last" problem on your trip. Im sending good thoughts and vibes your way. Be safe and God bless

  5. I know that there's a special thrill in crossing the country via road trip, but at the rate your truck is eating up parts, you coulda flew to Seattle and had everything shipped for less money...

  6. Thanks Doug, I think you may have something...

  7. you obviously did NOT do your DOT pre-trip inspection...and with mouantains ahead? tsk..tsk