Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Petal Snow and other Oddities

Pink snow...
Spring is beautiful from above and below.

Today I was chatting with a maintenance man in the hallway at work and he told me that I must not be from around here - meaning the northwest.  I was surprised by his remark.  I know I'm new to town, but how would he know? I don't know what compelled him to say such a thing.  Either it was the choice of subject (sunshine) or his accent (I certainly don't have one).  

Oh, oh!  I DO have a head for numbers!  Glory be, I remembered my PIN after three weeks.  Aren't ATM's wonderful?

I've been walking the five blocks from my bank to the post office to send money to my bank in another state while I wait for direct deposit to kick in.  It's another five blocks up hill to get to my bus to go home.  I hustle to get everything done before banks and post offices close for the day.  The construction going on for the building in front of my bus stop home has me squeezing around people huddled under the construction awnings and scaffolding.  So many people there and so little space.  Today I walked over to the construction corner and lo - it is the downtown post office under that scaffolding...and it's open during the face lift.   I can't believe how I've been learning how to get around all over downtown - running from one business to another, finding sights to see, exploring new places when hidden under curtains and scaffolding is that thing that will make my life easier.  I can hardly wait for the unveiling.  I've just learned how to cut my bank/post office power walk down to three blocks.  I don't think I'll be strolling - but at least I only have to hoof it uphill for three blocks.

Final thoughts for today (or not), I actually slept in on Sunday morning, went for a walk along the Golden Gardens beach and then went to "church".  It was an excellent morning.  I would do it again.  

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  1. I hardly ever used a post office until the last couple of months. I never need the main PO, most of our drug stores have a satellite office.