Saturday, May 9, 2009

I need a chaffeaur & a computer geek

I drove all morning.  In and out of neighborhoods to see what I like, where I feel comfortable.  I took a break for several hours at the Golden Gardens beach - watched the sailboats, the kites, went beachcombing and caught some rays.  I took pictures.  Some, I think turned out really good.  I'll never know.  The pictures are stuck in limbo.  I can send them via bluetooth back and forth between my phone and my computer.  I just can't seem to get them open.  Computer geek would be seriously welcome.

I'd love a chaffeaur as well.  It is SOOO hard to drive around in new neighborhoods, over bridges, up incredibly steep hills that I scared myself (with that feeling that if I didn't move forward I would tumble down the hill in the truck and all, just freaky stuff).  I am supposed to be keeping my eyes on the road.  Um, right, of course I am.  I revisited some neighborhoods and crept into others to get a look.  I came back to the apartment because I'm hungry.  Picked up sushi on the way.  Whew! I do like wasabi.  


  1. If you can get the photos to your PC, all you need is a program to open them. Are they .jpg/.jpeg, or another format altogether? If they are a different format you can google the extension (assuming you can see it) and find what opens it.

    Irfanview (free) will open any image you can think of.

  2. .plist is the extension...and my mac is having a hard time figuring out which application to use to open this. I usually transfer photos one at a time as jpeg. I made the mistake today of transferring 5 photos at once using the bluetooth option (and then I made it worse by deleting the photos)

    just beach photos. I'm sure everyone's seen beach photos somewhere by now.

  3. A .plist is a Mac preferences file, not an image, but it is apparently possible (but not recommended) to store images within. I know nothing about Macs, but from what I read, there might be a path to where the photos are inside the list.

    Wish you had a PC :-)

  4. That is actually helpful. I wouldn't recommend this file just happened this way. If I could open it in my phone I would re-send the old fashined one at a time jpeg. grrrr.

  5. darn technology lol Wheelie now has a Mac and could perhaps help you... I know nothing about Macs either. You can contact him via our forum (I believe your account there is still active?)

  6. I don't normally sign in when I head over to the "forum", I just poke around till I find who I'm looking for. I think I'm still active, it's been awhile...

    I'm gonna play with it some more today and then we'll see. Mostly I'm too fed up to want to do anything about it. :-/