Sunday, May 31, 2009


I am moved in, and here's the cartwheel to prove it.

Hey!! I own silverware!  

Every box I brought with me is a treasure.  The towels are soft and fluffy and mine.  The coffee press is perfect.  My comforter and my pillows and oh yeah!  Better than a birthday.  I have videos to watch on my television.  These concepts are so fresh to me today.

I was also afraid I had sold or given away so much that I have found already in these boxes - and I've only opened four.  I did take care of myself.  I didn't lose my mind at the beginning of this journey.  I'm gonna be okay.  I'm gonna be okay.


  1. You're ok, S. After following your journey from WI and reading all that has transpired since, I knew you would be.

    It must have been fun taking that shot :-)

  2. Congrats on getting moved in ok. Nice cartwheel btw. Have a great week Love ya bunches

  3. oh, what a joy! Moving in can almost be like... never mind *wink*