Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's only Tuesday

Most importantly...Happy Birthday Sam!!  Love you!

It's only Tuesday and I've got plans coming at me from all sides for things to do this weekend...and yet the plans may all fall by the wayside by Thursday with all the secondary plans going on behind the scenes.

My options are a jazz concert, a movie with wine tasting intermission, a school production and/or a special dinner available.  All of these things are on Saturday.  I've actually wondered if I can fit each of them in.  With a full tank of gas, a change of shoes and a skirt in the car I could actually pull it off.  I would gladly pick one and be immensly happy.  That idea notwithstanding, it seems feast or famine.  If all the dominoes fall I could be watching chick flicks with wine and popcorn on Saturday instead.  That's not a bad idea either.  I love plans in flux.

In the meantime I've been scoping out housing.  This weekend I pretty much camped out on craigslist to read the apt/housing section.  There's some pretty key places at prices I'm feeling comfortable with.  This evening I was reviewing the day's listings and I'm here to say weekend listings are more happening than Tuesday listings.  I'll give it a rest until Thursday night.  I'll be signing a lease (month to month is fine) in the next two weeks, I just don't know where. (Seattle has basements - unlike San Jose or San Diego.  I find that interesting.)

1 comment:

  1. I need fluxable plans. Or just plans. Maybe just the flux would do...

    Houses with basements are cool. Apartments in basements are not. Trust me :-)

    Happy Birthday Sam!