Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nood Racing, Live entertainment and Friend Speak

The view this morning from the beach and the marina was spectacular.  Shilshore Marina, Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains in one breathtaking blink of an eye.  The boats are patiently waiting for the Nood Regatta sponsored by Sperry that will continue this afternoon.  Below is the official's boat - in the harber still, bouys attached.  Parking was tight but available.  I didn't stick around long enough to see any events.  I burnt my skin pretty good yesterday at Richmond Beach; I gave it a rest today.  
As I walked along the marina this morning, I saw my boat.  Okay, so it's not mine yet.  But, if I were to buy a boat, this wooden one is it.  This was the prettiest boat in the harbor.  I lived on a 37" cutter rig back in my college days - teak deck plates, brass portholes, perfect galley for two and a v-berth that was heaven.  I would do it again.  It's just not in my pocketbook right now.In the meantime...I would love to be gushing on about the excellent tunes last night coming out of the Cascade Jazz Trio at the SouldFood Bookstore....But, I'm still trying to figure out how to spell that horn player's name.  Damn!  She was good.  Oh hell, the trio was good, damned good...but I'm holding out till I get my facts straight.  I will tell you all about Brian, Court and John (what a hoppin' bunch) once I figure out who that horn player was.
I didn't make it to meditations this morning as I had planned.  I did them instead on the scrabble rocks harborside.  The shore I was beachcombing last weekend is well underwater this morning.  Itty bitty fish are jumping from the water in silver flashes; it is strange and quiet entertainment.

I've come to realize I can't do it all. 
 There's not enough time to play volleyball on the beach, re-learn sailing, hike and bike and camp the great mountain trails everywhere, write incredible descriptive prose that put photos to shame, attend classes (for anything), garden, read and travel (literally) the world.  No wonder I'm such a great observer.  There's so many amazing things to observe, and not enough time to do them all.

It's been a full and wonderful weekend.  All I need is to go out my door and my day is full.

I did come across a book title that caught my attention for a friend, Tim.  Sometimes it's not what's in the book, the title says it all.  Tim, this book was titled,  Get Out of Your Head & Into Your Life.  I know you've started, I'm just your door; when you come back in please blog us all & let us know what you saw.  Many, many months ago you posted a photo of your local McD's at night.  I know why you chose that McD's.  I don't remember what you wrote about it, Tim.  I just remember reading your point of view and understanding this AS your point of view.  In any case,  I saw the book and thought of you.  Take that anyway you want, and I hope you are doing well.

For Cara, and to clear up any misconceptions...The art at the UW Hospital...I don't work there.  I merely visted the site for work.  The art was quite a sight, for which I wanted to cite them.  Do you see? (giggling)

Live entertainment is the way to go.  As for last night and the Cascade Jazz Trio - if you are looking for lounge lizard jazz you came to the wrong place.    Pretty hoppin' stuff.  I was impressed.  They'll be in Kent next month.  Info to follow...eventually and with permission.


  1. Beautiful area, and great photos, S. Live music is best, no matter what genre.

    I'm glad you have so much to observe out there. Maybe I need a change in venue.

  2. Lee Oskar plays once a month at a place downtown--club 98 blues club, I think. Something to that effect. Anyway, he was great when I saw him there. I think Seattle is a good place for music.

  3. I'll have to look him up. Thanks, Juan. You surviving ok on the other coast? Your ballistic mountain is looking lonely while you're gone...