Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hempfest Seattle

...or Things I Didn't Do Today.

K and I were downtown this morning checking out a university for her to attend this fall when we found ourselves in the thick of a herd of people moving as lemmings down the street. When we realized it was for Hempfest, well, we became lemmings too. First we shoved all our coins into a parking meter (25 cents gets you 14 minutes of beautifully close to event, and school, streetside parking) and off we trotted. People watching isn't near as colorful as the Solstice Fair in Fremont. But for a spontaneous event, I will gladly accept whatever sights there are to see. For all the people bringing their dogs one would easily have thought it was a Muttfest. For all the undertones of words washing through the crowd, "No dogs. They are not letting in dogs." it merely empowered those with dogs to believe their dog was special, that theirs would be let in, that they would fascinate or charm the gatekeeper easily and be let in. One lovely pooch allowed himself to be stuffed into a backpack - he was just wiggly in it. Why are dogs still happy with their owner when they are let out of lousy situations? I swear that dog was smiling. It's all a great game and he was along for the ride.

The crowd was interesting enough as we got closer to the gate. We shuffled along and gazed at piercings and fashion and I didn't realize it is cool to leave the holographic "Official" sticker on my ball cap when I'm wearing it. I wonder how Minnie Pearl is these days? A train rumbled along for a while, cutting the crowd off from the entrance gates. No one seemed to be counting the cars. That would have been a nice crowd game. Sorry I didn't start it. So, at thirty three cars the crowd was starting to get impatient. When the last rail car went by we all crossed the tracks en masse and found a the entrance. K and I are checking our phones, getting photos of the area, and I saw time was about to run out on our parking meter.

Did I mention the cops? Did I mention the several squad cars placed at each corner we crossed with the lemmings? Did I mention the Cop Camper with awning and picnic tables set up in a cordoned off parking lot? Cops were relaxing at the tables under the awning. Urban camping at it's finest. I hope one of these cops has sense enough to issue a citation when they start the campfire.

Yes, our parking meter was running on low, and K's work schedule was looming close too. We each took photos of the entrance and made mental notes to make a day of it next year. I suspect K will find some friends to go back tomorrow.

We drove home talking about the city and all it has to offer. We drove home talking about our little burg and all it has to offer. We drove home talking about stopping for lunch - we did and drank the best micro brewery Root Beer I've had in several years. This is what I did and didn't do today. So far, so good.


  1. Hey pretty lady I sure hope youhave a wonderful sunday and a great new week ahead. You're an angel!!

  2. I went shopping for end of season clothing sales. I could have went to a Summer Cabaret from 8-11 PM but didn't think I could stand or sit still for three hours after two beers :-)

  3. Put it on your list for next year Doug

  4. I love freshly brewed root beer on tap....

  5. Never had freshly made or micro brewed root beer. Maybe I will someday.
    Nicely written story. I enjoyed following the saga. Cops with a camper. Better they hang out there and stay out of the way.

  6. How exactly does hempfest work, and do they offer samples of the ingestible variety?