Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cruisin' the Beaches

Last week and the week before I've been sunning the bottoms of my feet at Golden Garden Beach in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  It's been a might chilly to do any more than put out a blanket and discreetly take off my shoes and socks to sunbathe the bottoms of my feet.  Forget risque, it's chilly.  Shilshore Marina is right there.  The sailboats are endless, and beautiful.  The Lasers out last weekend were jockeying among themselves all afternoon.    The Nood Regatta is going on this weekend.  I need to head back down there tomorrow and see what there is to see.  

In the meantime, it looks that I may be taking up a more permanent residence in the northern suburbs. I figure I better find "playgrounds" closer to home.  Truly, I am where I want to be, regardless of the last 3 digits on the zip code.  So, this weekend I found a beach closer to "home", Richmond Beach.  
Half rock, half sand. 
 I have no idea about these washed away posts (and nothing on the web to help me out here).

It was beautifully warm today.  I actually wore shorts and not jeans.  This evening I am now crispy red from my ankles to my thighs.  The bottoms of my feet were already seasoned so they didn't burn.  I don't care to sit right now.  I'm typing this standing up.  The backs of my thighs got the brunt of the sun this afternoon.  I should learn to rotisser-ate when at the beach.  

I learned many, many years ago to find a nice sandy spot and that's where one shakes out a blanket and makes oneself at home.  But, noooo.  At Richmond Beach every one finds a nice driftwood log to lean up against and they shake out their blanket there to have an automatic backrest.  I like these Richmond people.  I'll be back.

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  1. Take care of that burn. Redmond Beach sounds like a wonderful spot, from the reviews I read of it.