Sunday, May 10, 2009

My daughters

My Daughters

This letter is for my girls.  I love you more than life itself.  You, each, are my shining stars.  I am blessed to have daughters.  They are heaven on earth.  Not without their wonderful, audacious ways of thinking that have made me grow, and learn patience, and be a mom that I didn't know existed within me, they are my loves.  

My dearest Kate, please accept my invitation to come out to Seattle with me when I return in June.  Just come see for yourself.  I am offering a round trip ticket, two weeks to really look around.  Two weeks of spending time doing whatever you want (look for a job if you want, or not if you want) while I'm at work.  Think about it.  I want you near me.  I know I can be coersive.  I'll not try to coerse you into anything while you are here.  But I will support you in whatever you want.  Come away from your life for a little while to remind yourself that life can be whatever you truly want.  Ask of yourself more than you thought possible, because more than you thought possible is available.

Samantha, you too, I have been offering all along to come here and start your young adulthood near me.  That offer still stands.

Our lives are in flux.  Nothing, lately, is written in stone.  But I miss you completely.  I'm exasperated when you are here, I'm exasperated when you are not.  I love you always.  All ways.



  1. absolutely heart-felt words...

  2. I know your offer is genuine. It was beautiful yet parts of it stung me deeply.

    I cannot imagine being away...


  3. Your girls are absolute beautiful, Hope they both gt to come out for a visit with ya!