Monday, May 25, 2009

What was...

This is what was.  It is no more.  Even the photo is not a correct portrayal.  So much of what shows here I had already updated and changed before I up and sold it all and made the trek.

I found a bunch of old photos of my apartment this evening.  I was going to post a few of them.  That's when I realized it is probably like looking at home had to be there for it to be interesting.  I'm nostaligic for something I don't want.  It's merely what I knew.  This coming weekend I will be moving into my new apartment.  I spent this last Saturday moving my friend out of her apartment and into her house.  I am now typing from my computer on the floor.  While I hang out for the week at her old, empty apartment (I'm cleaning crew for the privilege of staying on) I do have access to internet.  Mostly I'm spend my time here dreaming about moving into the new digs. dreaming, dreaming, dreaming....


  1. It is soooo worth it to be moving into your own place. Home video-like photos has never stopped me from posting...

  2. You're the best, S. So happy for you. :)

  3. Good luck with the move into your new place. Hope ya have a great humpday

  4. Anticipation . . .

    I love my independence so I totally relate to the idea of selling everything to move on toward bigger and better adventures.