Sunday, May 3, 2009

An inadvertant reminder in my e-mail box

An e-mail showed up yesterday that reminded me I have a list (yes, a physical list) of groups I am going to join when I get settled in.  I may not yet be quite settled, which may be why I'd forgotten about the list.  The purpose of the list of groups to join is so that I will meet as many people as possible with my similar interests.  In this way there will be plenty of new friends that will sift down into being long-term friends.  I am here to surround myself with people.  

The e-mail also reminded me that I have a few things that need attending to, that should be priority even, and not forgotten in some box in my storage unit.  I bought 4x6 index cards yesterday to put in my commuter bag - I can leave the manuscript in storage this way.  (Interesting that I did this prior to receiving the e-mail) I opened up my word processing files this morning and re-read the last chapter...interesting mess of words.  I remember where I am going with this one.

The email reminded me also that I don't even have my own place yet.  I have so many things yet to do to even be settled.

All the e-mail actually said was, "Perhaps we can make plans later?"  Amazing the paragraphs of reminders and months of projects my brain comes up with in a simple phrase.  Later is good. My brain must've required the reminder that life is already full.

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  1. Wow,

    This is a cool post. I see you have a lot of adventure ahead. I'm pretty stoked to see what comes next.