Friday, January 7, 2011

Nothing special

Some mornings I get the whole city to myself. So it seems. Some mornings I get off the bus and I'm the only soul walking the half block over to the transfer stop. There's maybe a person or three milling about waiting for a bus as well. The city streets are misted over in the early morning so the busses hiss as they motor past. Especially the electric busses - they only hiss, no motor noise.

This morning though, (there's always exceptions) the wind was blowing through the streets, the number of cars weaving among the busses was noteworthy, the people I was weaving among to get to my transfer stop, all of it is such a change from my normal observations. Today, it really was a city. It bustled.

Nothing special - except it kinda was. Nothing much else going on.


  1. Observation of that not normally observed is kinda entertaining, isn't it?

  2. Such a change in the city was noteworthy - or remark - able.