Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Support Systems

From the moment I made the leap; leap of thought, leap of place, leap of faith, from the moment this shift within me occurred, I am made humble and understand so much more in the very core of me the net that holds us all together.  It is more than a net of safety.  It is more than a network.  It is with an abundance of love and goodwill that people come together.  Love on another level.  I should save all this for my other blog except that it fills me today.  Today  is - full stop.  Every day is.

I cannot thank enough the people that have called me, texted me, emailed me, and chatted with me(particularly when I have been feeling a bit low).  No, I have nothing new to report.  Not yet.  I am looking for the corner I need to turn.  It's here.  I need to get calm to see it.  In the meantime, for today, I met my best friend again.  I met her first in middle school.  We went to college together, we were maid of honor for each other for our first marriages.  I met her again today after 20 years.  To live with one best friend, to enjoy her home and her family and her loves is beyond measure.  To meet again my other best friend and to hear her loves and her family and her life is also beyond measure.  "Best" friend.  As my children came along I more completely understood that yes, a person can love more than one at a time.  And therefore, yes, it is possible to have more than one "best".  What fills me today is everyone has my best interests in their heart.  How can I not succeed?  There is no room to do other than succeed.  I am unemployed, without a home and I feel like such a success.  It is those that surround us that make our lives.  Not just each of us, but all of us.

It does not surprise me that I too am wishing, hoping, and pulling for the success of those I hold close.  How can it be otherwise?  Don't answer that.  I like it just the way it is.

No, I'm not drunk yet.  I'm as sober as it comes.  This smile is genuine (as my son hands me a glass of wine and a steamed stalk of asparagus).  Off to enjoy this glass and maybe a few more...


  1. I'm glad you've got a good support system. What a difference that makes!

  2. No doubt you will always be a success with a heart such as yours! "hugs"

  3. Times like this shine the light on what is good about being alive and human.

  4. Enjoy today.

    Come back everyday and read those two words.

  5. It sounds to me like you've got a good outlook on things, and that's a fine place to start. Just take it a day at a time and enjoy what's in front of you.