Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Eloquent One volunteered to help this last weekend.  He called me last Friday to tell me he is heading over to his sister's to pick up a utility trailer.  With the trailer, he and the kids (with boyfriends) will pick up the furniture that has their names on it.  they will then deposit the sofa and coffee table, dining table at each of the homes it will now belong to.  We'll do it Sunday.  I know that noon is early on a Sunday.  I didn't call until 2 pm to check in and see how things may be moving along.  The Eloquent One didn't answer the phone.  I called daughter number 1 at 3 pm.  She tells me, as if I should have already known, that we will not be doing the transfer until Monday.  Huh, okay.

Sunday night the Eloquent One answers his phone and says yep, we'll do it Monday.  Since he expects to use his vehicle, we'll do it after work.  I'm wondering to myself why they would want to do this in the dark.  Monday I went about my business until 3 pm.  I hurried through things.  Got accomplished what I could, but not enough, and got home to make a path for the furniture to move out.

Eloquent One does not answer his phone.  I called our son last night to ask if he would mind moving furniture with my truck.  It is now Tuesday.  I have no time to wait for trailers and plans with no updates.  Everyone is now back to work and school.  It's immediately important to me, not really so much for anyone else.  I recognize that.  The schedule for this week is growing more hectic by the day with school plays to attend (daughter 2 has the lead - even if she were an extra - I am SO there), and there is yet the dinner party tomorrow night.  I'm booked.  Our son is ready to help.  I'm to call him when my truck gets out of the shop (more preventive maintenance).

I refuse to jeopardize my own sanity waiting for the Eloquent One to step up to the plate he laid.  Two things I am reminded of - 1.  this is a microcosm of 20+ years of life with Eloquence. 2. he did say, regarding relationships, "I don't want to put in the effort." That quote sums up so very much of him.

I woke up upset with myself for waiting on this offer.  Today everything humanly possible leaves this house.  The 4x8 area that my wordly possessions have to fit in seems to expand and contract depending on my outlook.  Some moments it feels that I have plenty of room.  Other moments it feels that I need to keep tossing out everything.  I don't want surprises on Thursday when I start to fill the moving trailer.  This intellect wants to know.


  1. Being held hostage favor doers seems to be part of the routine for such an adventure. Some favors tend to extract an exorbitant fee in inconvenience and loss of sanity. Eventually plan B which may as well have been plan A is the only rational choice. I don't know how it happens.

  2. So much change: all for a good cause (a better life). Thank goodness the chaos will not last forever.