Monday, February 23, 2009

5 days to launch

Yes, it's five days to launch.  I have no lamps left.  It gets dark around here at night.  This afternoon the sofa, the coffee table and the dining table walk out the door (with help, duh).  Tomorrow the truck gets a transmission flush and fluid.  The people for the last bookshelf, frames and two plant stands are coming over to pick these things up tomorrow too.  I took half the things from my kitchen over to daughter number 1 today.  She has moved into another apartment and is thankful for everything.  Taxes have already been filed and everything is going into direct deposit.  Daughter number 2 will be over Thursday or Friday to pick up the last of the plants.  Wednesday is  resale shop day.  Everything that isn't spoken for is going to the resale shop.  I think I may actually have all my possessions down to a 4' x 8' area.  I am damn close.

Dad will be flying in from Colorado on Thursday.  He is driving with me across the country.  We'll be stopping Saturday night at Aunt Joan's B&B (one of my favorite aunts) and then a big push to see how far we can get Sunday.  There is a sailor's superstition that to begin a voyage on a Friday is certain to bring bad luck.  I find it interesting that I never considered leaving on Friday, though I expect to be ready.  Some things that I learned in childhood are hard to let go of, especially when I forgot that I knew them.

Nothing special here today.  Just getting my recurring thoughts out of my head.  Listing what's done, what's going to be done.  And listing them in no particular order.

Today I had my hair cut.  I'm in shock.  I haven't had short hair since my twenties.  I'm 48.  I'm sorry I did it.  And yet, it does look better.  I just hate looking in a mirror today.  Give it a week and I'll be happy again.  Good thing I like baseball caps.  Good thing I sold all the mirrors, (beveled glass and all).  I kept my favorite baseball caps.  Did I know something I didn't know?


  1. comments are on the blink. 2nd try. I said you have all bases covered, explaining the caps. It's going to be a great adventure. I look forward to following it through.

  2. ah the trick is to hit preview then hit post

  3. It has been very interesting, reading your progress from when you decided to chuck it all (or most of it) and leave. You have voiced things we all think and worry about, and you were undeterred, determined.

    Five days till we wish you bon-voyage-and- don't-forget-to-write.

    The last paragraph needs a photo ;-)