Monday, February 16, 2009

Operation 4x8

I had a long talk with my brother last night about what 4 feet by 8 feet is.  First, it's the size of the trailer I will be towing across these here united states.  His suggestion, the little so&so, get a standard 4'x8' sheet of plywood and lay it down in my living room.  That'll show me how much stuff I need to get rid of.  I totally appreciate the reality of his suggestion.

It seems I hadn't told my brothers, or my aunt, or but simply one of my friends that I'm moving halfway across the country.  My mother told my brothers and my aunt.  Mom's are on this earth to rat you out.  I should know, I'm a mom.  Both my brothers called last night.  I didn't get to ring off until after midnight my time.  One brother is on the east coast, Manhattan, I called him back first.  He is an hour ahead of me.  Then I returned the call from my brother on the west coast, San Diego, he is two hours behind me.  I just want you all to know my time-management skills are superb (I need to put that somewhere on my resume/cv).  Two weeks ago I was concientious enough to send a family email letting everyone know I'm no longer employed.  I just seem to have neglected to let anyone know my plans since then (ok, so follow-through is not one of my stronger skills, I should maybe remove that entry from my cv...).  The list of whom I have informed is equally long with the list of people I still need to inform.  Yet, when you consider that the list of who to notify includes the gas & electric co., the cable/internet people, and my insurance agent I'm doing pretty well with getting the word out to those that are near and dear. 

Last week as I woke each morning and my feet would hit the ground my brain was saying, "Ready...GO!" and holy b'jeepers, I'm off and running.  So here I am for another week of marathon style relocation - the 'Ironman' of move.  Sort and toss for two hours, pack and toss for two hours.  Nap for one hours (dispells stress).  Surf online for two hours; find another job posting worth sending an introduction to.   

Elephant eating.   One bite at a time.  Elephant is actually kinda fun to eat.  I've come on some grissly bites, but not that often.  It's satisfying, and rather tasty and I paced myself last week so I'm feeling right on schedule this week. 

14 days to go, actually.


  1. are you saving the tough choices of what to save and what to get rid of to the end or doing that along the way?

  2. Dang! I was thinking I'd unload everything and go light, but what about all the kid stuff, mementos and drawings and report cards? Do you have to go through that? I lost much of Jamie's stuff in two moves.

  3. The list of things I have that are actually valuable or useful is quite short. All the rest is junk, or something I don't want to give up.

  4. 4x8 is not a lot, even when the third dimension is 5 or 6. Even so, you end up with things you'll rarely use.
    It is an adventure picking up stakes and heading into new frontiers. Lots of fun once you let go of the usual comfort zone concerns. We'll practically be neighbors; same coast anyway. You'll have a blast.

  5. Yacky - I'm culling out as I go. For example, my books. I pared it down to maybe two boxes worth. Yet, when it was time to move the books to a staging area to actually put them in boxes I found another dozen that when compared with the ones I already gave away...well, they are gone now too.

    Kate - The kid stuff is the hardest. I have three grown children. I am going to "cheat" just a little and send out a couple boxes by snail-mail if I have to. This xmas they will get it all back in gift form. (crossing my fingers)

    Doug - I so love this short list.

    Juanderer - Comfort zone? what's that? (giggle)