Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Until the phone rings

Yep...that bath felt absolutely marvelous.  All my muscles stopped trying so hard to keep me together.  The achy feeling of not being able to stop until it's all done gurgled away in little bubbles.  All the million little decisions I've made today disappeared.  All of me just floated in the water.  Eventually I read my book.  I drank my wine.  I climbed out of the tub, dried off and crawled into bed.  Wonderfully delicious.  I closed my eyes.  I had not a care in the world.

Until the phone rang.  It was Carmen from Seattle.  I now have an appointment to interview with her on March 6th at 9am.

Amazing, amazing, amazing effin' day.


  1. Sounds like ya had a wonderful day. Good for you!

  2. Ah but you left out so many details.

    * what sort of wine? (I love merlot best)
    * did you embellish your bath water with nutmeg, aromatic bath salts or otherwise create "atmosphere" with burning candles?
    . . . and most importantly
    * what is the interview about???

    (Inquiring minds want to know).

    NOTE: You've been tagged. See directions for posting a photo of your night-stand at my blog.

  3. Tiger!! Oh man, posting is going to take hours if you keep up these quetsions. LOL.. Let's see, I'm finishing off the contents of the wine rack. So, I'm working on a Chateau Grande Cassagne Rose' which is better in the summer. But, right now I'm not being picky. I'm also finishing off the bathing essentials. The last of the Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber bubble bath was lovely. The interview is for the position in Seattle that would thrill me the most (at the moment). I'm not going to jinx it with too much information or false hopes. Real hopes I will allow when I get there. My night stand??! I'm getting ready to move...see next post.