Monday, February 9, 2009

Now I lay me down to sleep

Westy and Kate have emboldened me to post that most sacred of spaces, my bed. Unlike my predecessors, I didn't clean (with the exception of taking the newspapers off the side I don't sleep on). Yes, I am in the process of reading every one of the books stacked on that table.  And no, I'm not telling what's in the basket.  

This, for me, is the epitomy of wild abandon. Get a good look. I may take this post down in a fit of my usual shyness soon.

Post your bedroom photo.  Don't leave me hanging out here by myself...


  1. When I look at the larger copy of the photo, I can alllllmost tell what's in the basket ;-)

    I won't be showing my bedroom it's more of a storage room right now.

  2. I'll be posting ours later. I would have a room like yours but I live with a neat freak. All our goodies are tucked away in drawers :)

  3. Really great looking bed. Id be more interested in knowing the titles of the books you plan to read! Hope your week is going great

  4. It looks like a comfy place to read, or play with something from the basket? I LOVE that style of bed.

    Since I've lived with hand-me-down furniture all my married life AND live in a 100+ year old farm house, I hope I'll be excused from this exercise.

  5. MM - It's a handmedown bed, table and lamp (that lamp is as old as i am - I am sooo tired of it). I'll excuse you anyway. No worries. Only the linens are newer. I loooove crawling into bed. This IS my sanctuary.

    CaptRon - one of those books is a dictionary. Sorry to disappoint anyone.

  6. cool...lots of attachment points! lol

  7. that looks like a VERY comfy place! thanks for posting!

    MM, no excuses... 100+ farm house must be quite interesting!!

  8. I love the bed too! And the fact that you have an A/C. Most houses in Alberta don't, but I guess we would only need them for about a month out of each year.
    Thanks for playing, and thanks for adding me!