Friday, February 20, 2009

shopping list

Here's the list for today - as if you are interested:

Drop off stuff at resale store (every other day these days)
Take truck to Noe for a going over - transmission fluids and right side ball joints concern me today.
Schedule move-out w/ Tami for next Saturday
Massage at 2:30
Store - the list includes coffee creamer, lightbulbs (I'll be sitting in the dark by next week at this rate), more vacuum space bags, more packing tape.

The one thing that concerns me at this point, and I know it's silly, is these last two bottles of wine and the half bottle of Grey Goose.  They concern me because it may not be enough to get me through the week.  If I call everyone I know (all three) they'll need to bring more wine and booze to make sure we are all happy.  I will end up with more half bottles than I started with - I've been thinking of this taking this tack.  There's only one more dinner party planned at this point so the two bottles of wine can be spoken for...would I appear too scrimpy if I only bring one?  I have plenty of clamato juice, celery, worchestershire etc to take care of bloody marys for breakfast for at least a week.  And the last lime and the over abundance of tonic water (it was on sale!) well...I'm going to run out of vodka before I run out of mixers.  This is weighing heavily on me.  I would feel absolutely so much better if the beer and the pretzels ran out at the same time.


  1. We call vodka/clamato/tobasco/worchestershire sauce a Caesar, and a friend of mine blogged about it on JS. Many Americans had never heard of it, or clamato! Where are you from?

  2. I'm from Wisconsin, Iowa, Oklahoma, California (for a while north; then for a while south - I firmly believe it should be two separate states). And soon I'm off to Washington state. But clamato juice...has always been in the background.

    A Caesar. I like that name better than a bloody mary. In Wisconsin they put pickle juice as the finishing touch. I still find that strange, but I really like it.

  3. Whew...I stopped drinking right around September...