Monday, February 9, 2009

Living the Dream

Now I've gone and done it. I've up and made the decision. No more wishin'. It helps when trying to come to a decision for somethig external to assist with the factors involved. To wit, I go into work today to sign my severance papers. That's it. That's the external factor. In light of that...I'm moving to Seattle.

I need to be on the road by February 27. To stay any longer would be "piddling" away money, as my previous husband so eloquently put it (I do appreciate his eloquence, even when I haven't liked what he was saying). I would love to go earlier except my youngest daughter has the lead in the school play. She's a senior this year. The performances start on the 26th. I've always been to all performances and games for each of my children. This'll be a first, to only go to one performance, but I can't stay any longer. I have a focus in my life right now that I've got to stay with. Trust me, my youngest daughter is fine with this. She's looking forward to coming out to Seattle to check out the colleges and universities in June. My eldest daughter moved out (again) this weekend to her own apartment. She's pleased to see me make myself happy. I need to back up and let her live on her own, though it bugs me, it's probably a good thing. Her dad's in town. The Eloquent One says, "I gotcha covered. Get outta here. Me 'n the girls'll be fine."

18 Days. Someone start the stop watch.

Do I have a job in Seattle? Not yet. But in this neck of the woods now that the GM auto plant closed this last December and the ancillary companies either closing or moving and no want ads for even a Wal-Mart greeter, what a great opportunity to go somewhere I've always wanted to go. I did have an interview in Mad Town, 40 minutes up the road, a couple of Fridays ago. Oh ick. My sources in the Seattle area tell me layoffs and troubled times are there too. And yet one source has actually gotten my name on the roster for March hiring (fiscal year openings)...I just need to be there to keep the process moving. Timing....timing is everything.


  1. wow! When I said know I meant it! Seattle area is beautiful!

  2. good sounds like quite an adventure

  3. Keep digging you are bound to hit gold eventually.


  4. Good Luck and Godspeed.

  5. Good luck, B-e. I'm afraid to even dream most times, so go get 'em.

  6. Seriously Seattle is awesome. You will love it. Times are hard here but nearly as bad as other areas. Make sure to check Seattle Craigslist for job opportunities. You can find inexpensive housing on Craigslist as well. Look for areas like UDistrict by the University of Washington in Seattle, Greenwood, Wallingford and Northgate for good prices on rentals.

    And when you finally get all settled in stop by and check out my Seattle Hair Salon Emerson :)