Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eloquent Birthdays

It is the Eloquent One's birthday today.  The evening started with my ex, the Eloquent One, giving a toast, "To the winds of change, may they take you far and high and just where you want to be."  Our son is moving to Seattle as well, under different circumstances than myself.  I feel blessed nonetheless.  So, when the Eloquent One says these things and he is clinking his glass with both son and myself, I again feel blessed.  He is clinking his glass with his daughters, both will be graduating this year; one from high school, one from trade school.  Their lives are opening up for them.  You could say it's getting windy in our neck of the woods.

Our son made duck and rissoto and a beautiful root compote specially for his dad.  It was appreciated, and by all.

It was the usual birthday scenario.  Same as it ever is for the last seems-like-forever years.  Six of us; Eloquence, myself, son and two daughters plus Grandma.  And yet this time it was special.  Same kitchen, same table, same birthday cards, same german chocolate cake with coconut frosting; but different.  Tonight we are touched with love and rememberance even while we are living it.  This is not reminiscence.  We were there.

I find it funny that this year the kids' birthday cards to their father all dealt with farts, as in "old fart" (once we got to the punchline).  They had not shopped together, and had not shared with each other before hand.  It's funny that the theme was so unknowingly followed (like a fart - heehee).  

G'ma had picked up some D'Addario guitar strings for the Eloquent One.  Definately one of her more thoughtful years.  Her thoughtfulness was appreciated.

And early this week little ol' me found the Eloquent One's baby pictures and some family snapshots going all the way back to great-great grandfather.  I took advantage of these tucked away treasures and put together photo album pages.  I think they call it "scrapbooking".  Yesterday and today I took breaks when my packing and the fussing began to take over my brain.  I sat on the floor with cool papers and funky scissors, three different kinds of adhesives, five different colors of pen, and photo corners and made a total paper snippets mess of my living room rug.  The end result was appreciated.

I only wonder that he couldn't appreciate us sooner.

Eloquence is hosting a Valentine's dinner for eight on Saturday.  Son will be cooking (tiramisu for dessert - sorry I'm not invited).  Ends up the Eloquent One's steady woman friend will not be coming.  I'm sorry to hear this.  I like her.  The Eloquent One smiles when she is around.  I get to watch him be attentive and relaxed when she is there. It's nice to see people you love fall in love.  He was never head over heels, but he was happy.  I'm a bold woman, so I asked Eloquence if things are okay, or did they just change her work schedule again.  Nope, he won't be seeing her.  She wants to get married.  Eloquence says, "I don't want to put in that kind of effort."

From personal experience, I applaud his honesty.

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  1. Farts are funny. Not the old farts but the really fresh and stinky ones. :D