Friday, February 27, 2009

Co-Pilot Checkride

I'm impressed with my co-pilot. Seems he's already filed flight plans. Dad and I were reviewing the maps last night. Dad has Bismarck marked as "anywhere after that" for our second night on the road. We spent last night discussing drag from the trailer, prevailing winds and wind-chills. As we were driving around town Dad figured out the defrost controls for my truck in the dark. It is certainly nice to know your co-pilot has a strong checkride before the trip starts. Oh, oh, the moment that cinched the deal for me...with his dietary requirements we are relagated to steak houses for the duration of the trip. (oh, poor me :D) I done good hiring this guy.


  1. grab a full tank of fuel in Fargo...BEFORE I-29
    The Lonestar steak house (near the mall there) has EXCELLENT food!
    Safe Travels

  2. you sound like you're ready for take-off!

    And the choice of food sounds fine to me. I hope your trip is uneventful and you arrive as planned.

  3. Gotta keep up your strength on a long road trip, and red meat is the way I'd do it :-)

  4. love the new layout!