Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wayward E-mails

In the years that I have worked at my job occassionally a wayward email has come my way. These have always had information not meant for my eyes. They have always been eye-openers; some bad, some good. One came this evening just as I was shutting down my computer.

A little cut and past here:
Yes, we have her on the list and will be contacting you to schedule her
with the others. I was told she starts at 9:00. Do you want us to talk
with her right at 9:00? I thought we could talk to her and then you
could provide her with time to collect her things or we could arrange
for her to come back in and collect her things at a later date.
End quote.

I'm out until Monday to enjoy my son's college graduation. I feel such release. I feel set free. I am absolutely ready to enjoy my long and wonderful weekend traipsing across the country to see my son, and to finally relax. And on Monday...(big happy sigh) there will be no surprises.

Have a glass of wine with me this evening. I'm happy.


  1. PS: I'm so horny I can hardly contain myself. What's up with that?!

  2. Have a nice train ride....enjoy.
    not sure about the horny situation...punt?

  3. Damn Mike! I was sure you'd be able to help me out...

  4. Tsk. Hope you got that figured out...

  5. Im so glad you are happy my dear, as for the horny part if nothing else maybe yu should take matters into your own hands? Have a great weekend! Hugs