Saturday, February 14, 2009

Operation 4x8 or How to keep my toes

Yesterday I was hitting my toes on every box in my path and tripping over the dumbells in the middle of the living room.  I began thinking just maybe I should organize the mess I've already made.  I'm thinking I might want to do this before I open any more closets or drawers.  But, will that interfere with my momentum?

I've been sleeping on the sofa because my bed makes such a great sorting/staging station.  The entire contents of my closet and bureau is piled on that bed.  I don't have boxes to fit this stuff.  The bed frame is listed on craigslist and I've sent out some emails to local consignment shops.  If anyone gets back to me about the bed I can see myself running in there and taking great armloads off the bed and chucking it all back into the empty closet.  There's no empty wall to lean the mattress & box spring against.  The walls are lined with boxes - or worse, things that need to be boxed.  Note to self: move boxes from the wall to make room for mattress & box spring.

If I'm not going to use the bed for sleeping I may as well take the box spring and mattress to the dump already.  I could have the bed frame broken down and ready for...anyone.  Note to self:  forget moving the boxes from the wall, get more boxes for the clothing on the bed...and those vacuum seal bags to get things down to size.  Call son to help haul bedding to dump.

I'm finding if I get rid of the packaging, stuff fits.  I've taken prints out of the frames and rolled them up and inserted them all in the tube I have for packing.  The frames are staying here.  I've found that some things that are purely decorative work great for packing material to cushion the contents.  Silk flowers come to mind.  I was going to leave them here for my daughters, but they stuff around things pretty good.  Especially the hyacinth and peonies.  

I have a 4' x 8' trailer reserved.  That's it.  My life into a 4' x 8' trailer.  I am releasing everything possible.  My bicycle.  That one hurts.  I'm having a hard time releasing that one.  I hope to get rid of everything else, so I can keep my bike.  Note to self:  What is supposed to come will come.  What doesn't make it will be replaced at the right time.


  1. When I moved, my stuff would have fit in a small trailer, and I still should get rid of more. If I move again, I'll have a futon to get rid of, and some shelving that were all left behind...

    Good luck with making it fit.

  2. Hope you managed to take some tiem off and have a wonderful Valentines Day. Wish I could help ya with your move but since I cant Ill just say good luck with everything Hugs to ya